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Bahir Dar City: Four Militia Killed in Grenade Attack

Bahir Dar - militia
Image : screenshot from ABC TV


Four militia members were reportedly killed, and ten others were injured in Bahir Dar after a grenade was thrown at them.

ABC Amhara TV reported that the incident happened on Friday in Kebele 14 locality of the city. The militia members were reportedly returning from a training session at Horizon School around 12 P.M. when they were attacked by “unidentified” assailants. Fano forces are undertaking an armed struggle in the region for more than six months now. 

Three of the militia forces reportedly died on the scene, with eleven sustaining injuries ranging from life-threatening to non-life-threatening conditions. They were admitted to Felege Hiwot Hospital, and one of them passed away in the hospital.

Government troops deployed in the city reportedly resorted to abusing civilians, and there was gunfire for nearly two hours.

The attack in Bahir Dar came just a day after the regional state claimed that about 5,000 Fano fighters had surrendered, heeding the ultimatum issued by the region. Initially, the region announced a seven-day ultimatum, which was later extended. However, the surrender of the 5,000 forces remains unverified by independent sources.

In a related development, credible reports from local sources indicate that Fano forces continue to engage government forces in different parts of the region.


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  1. Is this considered good news? What good news is about it when one brother killing another? If not for a handful of smart aleck individuals spinning issues out of control on both sides, those who pulling the deadly trigger are children of the same country, sons and daughters of the peace starving people of peasants and urban dwellers of the same gem of humanity called Ethiopia. There were ball dribbling soccer fans yesterday but today, thanks to bigots among them, have turned murderous enemies to each other. Is this what those Allah fearing mothers and fathers deserve? Those of you here among us in the Diaspora who lounge in your comfy homes and beating the drums of war with your zerraafs, gerersaas, and laloyes, you must be ashamed of yourselves. You are bigots! That’s right! Wall Street certified and Ku Klux knighted bigots! I wish you were not even born!!!

    • Pardon me for a few spelling and grammatical typos. For the love of that country, horrific stories like this make me too emotional.


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