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Ethiopia’s Dam on the Nile negotiation underway in Addis Ababa 

Ethiopian Dam Talk Addis Ababa - Dec 2023
Fourth Round of Negotiation over the Ethiopian Dam in Addis Ababa (Photo : Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia )


Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan have started the fourth round of negotiation over “the first filing and annual operation of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD)” – the fourth filling of which was completed on the eve of the Ethiopian New Year in early September 2023. 

The meeting was scheduled after the parties failed to reach an agreement during the last round of the negotiation which was held in Cairo, Egypt. The rounds of negotiation started following a joint declaration by   Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi in July 2023 in Cairo. 

Ethiopia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs disclosed about the fourth round of the negotiation in a news update it shared on its social media page on Monday. It coincides with the news of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s third term election win. 

The three countries started negotiation in 2015 – four years after the project kicked off in 2011. But they were unable to reach an agreement as Egypt has been claiming a “historical right” over the water by making a reference to a colonial era agreement to which Ethiopia was not a party. 

“Ethiopia is guided by the 2015 Declaration of Principles (DoP) on the GERD Project. In particular, Ethiopia will continue to advocate for consensual outcomes based on the principle of equitable and reasonable utilization of the waters of the Nile River,” said the update from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia. 

The Ministry also stated  that this round of negotiation was “preceded by a one-day meeting of technical experts from the three countries. The Ministerial meeting will build on the discussions of the previous sessions and continue efforts to achieve convergence by the meeting on 19 December 2023.”   

The Ethiopian government announced this year that over 95 percent of the construction project is completed and the entire project is expected to be completed this Ethiopian year. Given the financial situation Ethiopia is facing in light of inability to make an interest payment of $33 million to its creditors, it remains questionable if the project will finalize this year. 

Currently, the  reservoir of the dam is said to have retained 42 billion cubic meters of water, well over half of the 74 billion cubic meters of water which is said to have been retained when it is completed.  The Ethiopian Prime Minister described the fourth filling of the dam as the “final one” and it has not been explained to the public why that is the case. 

In the past, Egypt has been implicated in the security crisis particularly in the Oromia region of Ethiopia. 


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  1. This is good news and should continue having dialogue about the dam and work out a lasting deal to make there will be no on-going misunderstanding about it. The Ethiopian people have nothing to hide since they have been building the dam in broad day light for more than a decade until today. The dam, for all intents and purpose, is completed and has started generating electricity with some of that already supplying power to The Sudan itself which is in arrears of payments. So dialogue like this should always be encouraged and supported. Saber rattling ain’t gonna work.

  2. I may also add that those black folks will continue to be in extremely capable hands at the negotiations table as long as its delegates are led by that fire spitting genius patriot Obbo Dr. Sileshi Bekele. To me he is Alula, Mekonen, Mikaeel(Mohammed Ali), Tekle and Dinegde all rolled into one. We all remember what he once said in response to what one of the Egyptian delegates was complaining. That halawa drunk clueless was jumping Jack flash telling everyone the dam had started generating electricity. The young generation of our day would quip ‘duhh!!!!’ In bewilderment upon hearing that!!! But Obbo Dr. Sileshi showed how civilized, cultured and raised with attention he is. He is tutorial response was ‘When water hits turbine it generates electricity’. When I read that response almost fell unconscious. I was like ‘get’em tiger! get’em!!! get’em!!!’.

  3. As of late it was reported that this meeting had ended once again without an agreement and the sugar drunk super power wannabes in Al-Qahirah are back on their saber rattling fits again. All they want is the sole management of the dam. Okay, then what now? Invade an African country? We will see.

  4. I say, no agreement with Egypt, they can’t do anything once the dam is competed. Having an agreement with Egypt means lots of back and forth and lots of Involvement from Egypt in our own project, we don’t have that type of privilege from their side. The water will continue to flow if there is enough water, otherwise why do we need to have an agreement with a country that has been working for long time to destroy Ethiopia in so many ways via their supports in the West just to make sure Egypt will not fight Israel together with other Arab nations like they did in the past and Suez Canal. Camp David Accords accord 1978 is an example. They thought Ethiopia is dead and no one will stop them when they made a few agreements with Sudan as well while Ethiopia is producing 85% of the Nile water. Finish the Dam advance the military in every aspect of it, get ready to fight one more good fight but they will never do that, I say we need to battle one more time at some point to make sure they pay a price for their involvement on Red sea which made Ethiopia landlocked, their involvement in Nile and their Involvement in our civil war etc…. unless BRICS come up with some solution, we should never take our eyes from Egypt, our enemy for life…

  5. Okay bigots!!! The door is open in Al-Qahirah for you. The sugar drunk super power wannabe there sending you invitations to come to his joint and lick his shoes especially those of you bigots camping out now at universities here, Europe and Down Under. You will be treated like his beloved khadamis and spoil you with boatloads of AK-47’s, RPG’s and uniforms of your design so you can yank away a territory to call it your and his fiefdom. Then you will be asked to escort his explosives experts to blow up the GERD dam. He swears he will never call you his usual abd/niggers. Okay Minnesota; Hey Michigan, Virginia, Tennessee, Melbourne and Oslo! What are you waiting for? Al-Ra’is Abdel Fattah el-Sisi is calling you to come in and serve him as his beasts of burden. He promised your dreamed up republic to be in your hateful hands in a year. Let’s go bigots!!!

  6. Bigots here among us are dancing until they drop on this news that contractors are not being paid on time due to cash crunch the treasury is facing these days. Delays on such huge projects that was never done on such scale in the entire continent are inevitable. This dam is the property of all Ethiopians including those among the Diaspora who backed the project monetarily and morally. Those of you who rejoice this news should consider yourself to be the enemy of the Ethiopian people. You are sick and make everyone sick. At the last reporting this dam is more than 85% complete and some of the turbines have started generating electricity anyway. So bigots! Eat your crows!!!

  7. Subject: “Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan have started the fourth round of negotiation over “the first filing and annual operation
    of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD)”

    Dear Ethiopia:
    a) Good luck with Egypt who determined itself to be against BLACK African State, seemingly for time immemorial.
    b) On the contrast side, I know the WONDERFUL Sudan ever since I was a teenager
    c) But, I fear, TIME may have changed everything !?!?!?
    d) In that eventuality, it is hoped that Ethiopia maintain its two historical characteristics: HONESTY and FIRMNESS.
    e) Knowing the degrading attitude of Egyptian leaders against the Black Race, FIRMNESS must be the TOOL of
    Ethiopia in its FIRMNESS in the negotiations.
    f) There is no other choice when dealing with Egyptian leaders.

    —————- THE END ————–


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