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Placement exams to be given to employees of Addis Ababa City Administration  

The cityAddis Ababa City Administration is administering the “competence exams” across many divisions

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – The City Administration said that the workers under the administrative offices of Addis Ababa are to be reassigned through competence tests in different positions. In the first round, the institutions that will take the exam will be identified until January 10, 2023. Sources said that all the employees of the designated offices will be ready for the exam.

However, people are expressing doubt that the City Administration might utilize the said test as a political means to sift and sack workers from their jobs for the mere reason of their political stand. In this way the City Administration can use the system to remove citizens, in particular from the Amhara ethnic group, from various offices of the Administration.

The City Administration, which has not given official explanation to the public, seems to proceed with the initiative, according to sources.

All employees of the offices of the City Administration from top down to the Woreda level that conducted the organizational study of the new structural reform of the City Administration were confirmed to take the test.

Among the offices where the testing will be given are, the Housing Development Management, Public Service and Human Resource Development, Construction Permit and Control, Land Development Management, Work Enterprise Industry Development, and Cooperative Offices.

It is said that in the next round, the employees of institutions with finalised structural organization will sit for the exam and their replacement will be determined on their scores. The guidelines for the implementation of the placement exam have been prepared, according to information obtained from the City Administration.

Workers who fail the placement test will be “assigned to the suitable position”. Those who don’t want to continue with their assigned position can leave the job after being paid settlement money.

According to the Public Service and Human Resources Development Office of the City Administration, there will be enrolment of workers in 105 positions under 16 selected institutions.

The office said that the placement for these 105 positions will be conducted through competition and examination.

The Public Service and Human Resource Development Office said that the main purpose of this placement is to ensure the quality of services provided by the City Administration.

Workers who will not score passing grades will be made to have capacity building training so that they can upgrade their capacity. 


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  1. The only Commendable move made by the administrator of Finfinnee
    An authoritarian ruler like Abiy Ahmed may occasionally discover small victories, just as a broken clock occasionally reveals moments of truth. This is a really beneficial decision for the nation and the future generation, even with all of its drawbacks. Competition is necessary, not an employment procedure that favors bribes, ethnicity, or nepotism. Abiy Ahmed and the mayor of Finfinnee seem to be doing appropriately in this situation.


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