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The Alliance: Unveiling the UAE and Ethiopian Military Connection  and its Horrifying Consequences for the Amhara People 

Ethiopia UAE military alliance
UAE president, Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan (Left) and Abiy Ahmed (right) have been forging alliance since the latter took power in 2018. (Photo : from the web)

Yimer Alye Ayalew

Summary: (The alliance between the UAE and the Ethiopian military has led to the  UAE’s involvement in the ongoing Amhara genocide, through training, funding, and  supplying weapons. This has grave implications for the Amhara people and the overall  conflict in Ethiopia, hindering efforts for peace, justice, and accountability.) 

Uncover the clandestine bond between UAE and Ethiopian military, shrouded in silence,  as it unravels drastic repercussions for Amhara. 

Over the years, the UAE has become a prominent player in the Horn of Africa, seeking  to expand its influence throughout the region. This expansion extends not only to  investment and economic interests but also to security sectors. The UAE has  strategically taken measures to embed itself within the Ethiopian military’s operations,  which have far-reaching implications. 

Historically, the UAE has gradually carved a niche for itself in Ethiopia’s security  landscape. The Arab nation has positioned itself as a foreign investor, increasingly  providing financial support and leveraging this economic influence to gain a foothold in  the Ethiopian military apparatus. With overlapping interests, the UAE has managed to  forge a mutually beneficial relationship with the Ethiopian military. 

The Role of the UAE in the Amhara Genocide. 

Alarming reports have emerged regarding the UAE’s role in the ongoing Amhara  genocide, exposing its complicity in the violence perpetrated against innocent Amhara  civilians. The alliance between the UAE and the Ethiopian military has facilitated the  training, funding, and arming of Ethiopian security forces directly implicated in the  genocide, creating a horrifying partnership. 

Unmasking the UAE-Ethiopian Military Alliance’s Impact on Amhara People

Notably, there have been credible allegations of the UAE providing military training and  funding to select units, the Ethiopian Republican guard within the Ethiopian security  forces involved in the Amhara genocide. 

Such training, funded by the UAE, has reportedly enhanced the capability of these  units, enabling them to carry out targeted attacks against the Amhara people with  sinister precision. 

Besides training and funding, the UAE has also supplied weapons and military Drones  and equipment to the Ethiopian military. These weapons have been instrumental in 

exacerbating the violence and widening the scope of the Amhara genocide. The UAE’s  provision of weaponry, including advanced firearms and tactical equipment, has enabled  Ethiopian security forces to carry out their systematic campaign of violence against the  Amhara people. 

Implications for the Amhara Genocide 

The UAE-Ethiopian military connection brings grave implications for the Amhara  genocide and the overall conflict in Ethiopia. The involvement of external actors in this  horrific crisis further complicates efforts for peace, justice, and accountability – crucial  components necessary for bringing an end to the violence. 

Foreign influence, particularly from the UAE, risks perpetuating and amplifying the  atrocities committed against the Amhara ethnic group. As the Ethiopian military receives  support and resources from the UAE, it not only solidifies its own position but also  emboldens the perpetrators of the Amhara genocide. This can create a devastating  cycle of violence, making it even more challenging to halt the bloodshed and seek  justice for the victims. 

Moreover, the deepening connection between the UAE and Ethiopian military weakens  the prospects for peace and reconciliation in Ethiopia. The involvement of external  actors, driven by their own interests, often undermines the efforts of the international  community and domestic stakeholders who work towards achieving sustainable peace  and stability in the region. 

The Global Response to the UAE-Ethiopian Military Connection 

Despite the horrific consequences of the UAE-Ethiopian military connection for the  Amhara people, the international community has taken note of these disturbing  developments. Numerous human rights organizations have raised awareness about the  Amhara genocide and called for accountability and justice for the victims. 

Additionally, diplomatic efforts have been initiated to address the UAE’s involvement in  Ethiopia and stem the tide of violence against the Amhara people. Influential countries  and global bodies have expressed concerns over the UAE’s actions and have urged the  Ethiopian government to take swift action to protect its citizens. 

Unmasking the UAE-Ethiopian Military Alliance’s Impact on Amhara  People 

The silent alliance between the UAE and the Ethiopian military has perpetuated the  horrors of the Amhara genocide, wreaking havoc on the lives of innocent people.  Shedding light on this complex issue is of paramount importance to ensure  accountability, justice, and eventually, peace for the Amhara people. 

As the international community continues to uncover the extent of the UAE’s 

involvement in the Ethiopian military, it must actively pressure the perpetrators to halt  the violence and promote a path towards reconciliation. The victims of the Amhara  genocide deserve justice and the opportunity to rebuild their lives in a society free from  fear and oppression. 

While the road to justice may be long and arduous, raising awareness about the UAE Ethiopian military connection and its harrowing consequences can help pave the way  for change. Together, we must stand against the silent alliance that perpetuates  suffering and strive towards a future where human rights are respected and protected. 

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