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Amhara regional state says displaced people in Amhara should return where they were evicted from if they need aid

Ethiopian News - Displaced Amhara
Displaced people in Amhara region (Source : AHR Ethiopia )

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Coordinator of the Internally Displaced Persons in Gondar Town Administration, Melaku Gebre, told the Weekly Private Paper, the Reporter that the IDPs at Kebero-Meda shelter in the Town received a warning from the Regional Government that they would not get any assistance if they “do not return” to the places where they were evicted from.

The coordinator said that there are 2,703  IDPs’ sheltered in the Kebero-Meda Settlement Centre of Azezo area, Central Gondar Zone of the Town. But the IDPs who do not want to return to their localities have not been provided with regular and timely relief assistance, according to the Coordinator.  

A survey conducted by various humanitarian organizations and government bodies on the desire to return the IDPs to their villages, confirmed that 90 percent of the evicts do not want to return to the area where they were displaced from.

The coordinator stated that the evacuees wanted to settle in West Armachiho instead of returning to where they came from. However, the government is not willing to accept their desire, according to Melaku. The coordinator further said that the evacuees were originally from West Armachiho and that they had left this area due to various problems.

Melaku said that he had submitted a request to the World Food Program so that it could provide the IDPs with food aid, but the Regional Government refused and said that it was its desire WFP would rather provide the relief aid only to North Dabat.

According to the coordinator, there were 3,050 people who were displaced due to the war in Northern Ethiopia and arrived at the Kebero-Meda Shelter. But due to lack of food and various reasons, they dispersed to different places and now there are only 2,703 displaced compatriots.

The Kampala Convention, which was accepted by Ethiopia, states that the government has an obligation to provide food, shelter, health services and other basic resources to the displaced citizens.

Limited amount of aid was given in July and October 2023, but nothing has been provided to them since then, according to the coordinator. 


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