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Ethiopian Prime Minister removes another state minister, makes new appointments

Ethiopian PM new appointment
Fisseha Yitagesu is appointed as State Minister for Trade System and Licensing Sector (Photo : file/PD)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) –  Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Dr.) removed the State Minister of Trade of Licensing and system Section, Teshale Belihu from his position and replaced him with Fisiha Yitagesu, who served as the CEO of the Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation, sources indicated.

Fisseha Yitagesu, who was appointed as the new State Minister for Trade System and Licensing Sector took his position yesterday, December 13, 2023 the Amharic Weekly, the Reporter said.  

Teshale Belihu had served as the Director General of Ethiopia’s Suitability Assessment before he was appointed as State Minister of Trade, according to the Reporter.

The other official that was removed from his position by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Dr.) this week is Taye Denda, who served the Ministry of Peace as State Minister.  

Last week, the Prime Minister appointed two State Ministers for the Ministry of Justice, Alemante Agidew  and Fekadu Tsega as the Prime Minister’s Advisory Ministers. The Premier has also appointed Tesfaye Dabba as the State Minister for the prosecutor section of the Ministry of Justice, according to the Reporter. 


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  1. Borkena What does “Dr.” signify in “Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Dr.)”? Has Abiy Ahmed turned into a drachon or a witch doctor?

    Waiting for your response has left one drowning in curiosity. The moment Abiy Ahmed (the fox) chooses someone for power, he is essentially choosing them to be future victims of aggression. He needs to put an end to his depravity. Allow them to work like regular academics. Abiy , satan with human flesh, Is enemy of each and every ethiopian , including members of his party. Stop bombing and starving People of Amhara and Oromo.

    Best regards

  2. Subject: “Ethiopian Prime Minister removes another state minister, makes new appointments”, December 14, 2023

    To: Honourable Ethiopian Prime Minister, December 14, 2023

    From: An Ordinary Passer By

    Subject: Your Future Destiny and History for YOURSELF.

    Here I go:
    ha). How many Ministers will be laid off before we see stabilized Ethiopia

    hu). If you, the current Prime Minster, believes that you can stabilize Ethiopia by kicking out your Ministers — one by one
    — you will not be doing a service to yourself.

    he). At one time, Ethiopians will say >> ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

    haa). Dear, Prime Minister, you are the deciding force for your own future.

    hie). Never, Never, Never. under estimate the POWER of the seemingly docile PEOPLE.

    hii). And if YOU SIR decide to go through the channel, you will find yourself hooked in ironclad tunnel with the
    ordinary humble Ethiopians on both openings of the channel, with SMILE, of course.

    ho). Sir, it is not worth it. Is it??? You are still VERY YOUNG to explore the World, for your own benefit, with the good
    people of Ethiopia. THINK about it.

    ——————–THAT IS MY HONEST ADVICE —————–

  3. Abiy Axmed’s erratic moves and issueing flood of diktats in the past 4 years are becoming absurd by the day. He is acting like petulant child, megalomaniac and africa’s archetypal tin pot dictator rolled into one. Nohing more and nothing less thus far. There is no more pretence of acting as comptetent, benevolent, thoughtful and ethical leadership tackling the more pressing issues of politico, socio-economic, and developmental nature and the public good in general .
    He is suck instead into an unintelligible and infantile personal matters and reveng scores to indulge in power abuse, power excesses and self preservation. An ignormous end awaits any headi oof state with modus opetandi like this . It is very likely that history will repeat itself again with even more evvengeance. Adieu to chatacter of charlatanism and that all it stands for¡


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