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Ethiopia: 13 Killed in Amuru, Horo Guduru Zone of Oromia Region

Ethiopia - Horo Guduro
Bullets from the attack (Photo : DW Amharic)


Thirteen people were reportedly killed in the latest string of attacks in Horo Guduru Zone, Amuru district of the Oromia region. Four others sustained injuries in the Joje locality. Those wounded were taken to the hospital, although the severity of their conditions remains unknown.

DW Amharic cited residents, who reported that the attack targeted a vehicle en route to Bure district’s Beko Taba locality to load cereal crops. The vehicle was carrying 17 individuals and they were entirely civilians. 

According to the source, area authorities have confirmed the incident. Residents who spoke to DW Amharic indicated the event occurred around 6 a.m. on Tuesday. Hassan Mohammed, a resident of Joje locality, confirmed the story. He said that it was an ambush attack.

Sisay Abewa, head of Joje Kebele where the attack took place, confirmed the death toll of 13 and attributed the assault to what he called radical forces.

Local residents claim that armed groups in the area surpass the capacity of the regional militia. The militants were armed with machine guns and bren.

An estimated 49,000 residents of Amuru district have reportedly been displaced due to the prevailing security situation over the past few years. 

The identities of the victims remain undisclosed. Both the Ethiopian Federal government authorities and the Oromia regional state have not yet commented on the incident.

The area has witnessed repeated attacks on civilians, resulting in hundreds of casualties over recent years. The group self-identified as the “Oromo Liberation Army” has been active in the area for the past five years. There are suspicions of clandestine connections between this group and certain government officials, including those in the security apparatus. 


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  1. My very dear editors of this esteemed website,

    Thank you for keeping us abreast with what is going on in that glorious country that produced us all. The children she has produced lately are seen to roam in different directions with some to her joy and others to her agonizing dismay. To some it is not just siblings rivalry but deadly ones with innocent civilians caught in the crossfire like this one. As you know many places over there have duplicate names. For example ‘Carcar/Chercher’ exists in Western Haraghe highland area and also in Wello area as a locality. Kombolcha is located in two places. Bure could be another duplicate. So Please allow me to politely ask you to put the location behind such names of towns and locality so the readers would know where it actually took place. I know in many instances you even include maps of locations and I commend you for that. Apparently this one Bure is in Western Oromia where the hooligans are roaming free killing and pillaging.

    Just a sliver of suggestion from a steadfast high mileage fan of your beloved website.

    Happy Holidays!!!


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