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Ethiopian Organizations urge United Arab  Emirates gov’t to reassess military ties with Abiy Ahmed gov’t

Five Ethiopian organizations based in the Diaspora wrote an open letter to the United Arab Emirates Government


In a statement released on Monday, the organizations congratulated the United Arab Emirates for “successfully hosting the historic COP28UAE,” and acknowledged the country for  “its commitment to addressing critical global issues and fostering  international collaboration,” while expressing concern that the United Arab Emirates is supplying the Ethiopian government with unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) that are used for human rights violations in Ethiopia. 

The organizations wrote : “…it is with a heavy heart that we, collectively, express profound concerns regarding the violations of the International Convention on Human Rights by the Government of Ethiopia, specifically in connection with its use of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) provided by the UAE. The Ethiopian  diaspora community, rooted in appreciation for the friendship between our two peoples, is troubled by the  potential implications of such actions…” 

The letter also highlighted that there have been over 100 drone strikes in the Amhara region of Ethiopia and that civilians were killed indiscriminately including women, children, and the elderly. Civilian institutions including schools and Health centers were attacked. 

Also noting many other grave situations in the Amhara region where Abiy Ahmed’s government is undertaking a ruthless war, the Ethiopian Diaspora organizations who wrote the letter  urged “the government of  the United Arab Emirates to reassess its military ties with the Ethiopian government. The reported  violations of international humanitarian law demand a reevaluation of support for a regime that stands  accused of committing genocide against its own civilian population.” 

They urged the United Arab Emirates government to reassess  military ties with Abiy Ahmed’s government in Ethiopia in light of the ongoing egregious human rights violations in the Amhara region. 

Content of the full letter is available HERE 


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  1. Arabs giving ammunition to Ahmed Ali’s son to destroy Ethiopia because they have never been able to do it otherwise!! Fanno will rectify this immediately!! Ahmed Ali’s son and his likes will be made to turn in the ashes Ethiopian history yet again! Amhara must defend and remove this cancer from its roots.

  2. Ted, what sadens me about the whole disaster called Ethiopia is people who should have been enlightened ( based on your command of the English language ) are still shackled by the hatred held deeply for Islam and its adherents.
    With the exception of Egypt, the Arabs don’t view you nothing but another pathetic African unable to feed its people.
    Get off the horse of “ Ethiopia Vs Muslims/ Arabs and get you house in order which means get behind Dr. Abby Ahmed


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