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Ethiopian Federal Government, TPLF agree to hold political dialogue

TPLF - Ethiopian gov't
Tadesse Worede ,”Tigray Defense Force commander” (left) and FM Berhanu Jula (right) during the Nairobi agreement in 2022. (Photo : VOA/AP file)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – The African Union Peace and Security Council has announced that the Federal Government and the TPLF have agreed to hold a political dialogue within two months to resolve the problems arising from the Pretoria Peace Agreement, sources said.

The Council said in a statement it released that the two parties made this agreement during the joint committee meeting of the Pretoria Peace Agreement Implementation Monitoring Verification and Compliance Mechanism (MVCM) established by the African Union.

The discussion of the joint committee was held last Friday, December 01, 2023 in Addis Ababa. The statement pointed out that the two sides confirmed the significance to start a political dialogue in order to solve the problems arising in relation to the Pretoria Peace Agreement and expressed their commitment towards this end. Moreover, the statement made official that the two sides have agreed to convene a discussion forum as soon as possible, within two months involving a high-level panel of the African Union to express their views on strategic issues.  

The statement indicated that the joint committee discussed the implementation process, challenges and opportunities of the Pretoria Peace Agreement, and that both sides have confirmed the need to speed up the process of disarmament and rehabilitation of ex-combatants, as well as the return and rehabilitation of those displaced from their homes during the war, and confirmed their commitment to the full implementation of the Pretoria Peace Agreement.

The Peace and Security Council of the Union has announced that the term of the Monitoring Verification and Compliance Mechanism (MVCM) established by the African Union will be extended for another year until December 2024.

Apart from the representatives of the Tigray Peoples’ Liberation Front (TPLF) and the Federal Government, representatives of the African Union High Level Panel, namely Olusegun Obasanjo former President of Nigeria and High Representative of the Horn of Africa, Uhuru Kenyatta, former President of the Republic of Kenya and member of the African Union High Level Panel including Pumzile Nguka (Dr.), former Vice President of South Africa  and Bankole Adeyole, the African Union Commissioner for Political Affairs, Peace and Security attended the meeting.

One million dollars was reportedly authorized to be released from the African Union Peace Fund for the extended term of the peace Agreement’s implementation monitoring, verification and compliance system.


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  1. Excellent news! It is uplifting to hear brothers are holding a pow wow for peace and stability and maintaining them. All of us peace mongering people should encourage such dialogue. I hope and pray that these military men have learned the fact that war is easy to start but it will soon proves to those who ignited it will be so taxing to douse the flames. The war may last a week, months or just a few years but the deaths and destruction it leaves behind will be beyond the pale, beyond imagination. The war in Tigray lasted only two years but it will take generations and billions in US dollars to rebuild what was destroyed. Close to a million Allah Blessed lives were lost. Millions are emotionally scarred for life. I’m sure the lesson is well etched in the psyche of these two generals and everyone in the decision making authority of both sides. There will be peace! Insha’Allah!!!!


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