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Ethiopian Government Detains Anti-War Protest Organizers in Addis Ababa

Ethiopia Anti-War Protest
The organizers of the anti-war protest are drawn from different political organizations and ethnicities. (Photo : Social Media)


The Ethiopian government made arrests on Thursday, apprehending four coordinators who had been planning peaceful anti-war demonstrations in Addis Ababa and various major towns across Ethiopia.

Yishaq Woldia, one of the protest organizers, spoke with EVN Ethiopia over the phone from Addis Ababa, confirming that the Federal Police had detained four coordinators involved in organizing the peaceful demonstration scheduled for December 10, 2023.

These organizers are political leaders associated with different opposition political parties: Magabi Beluyi Abraham from the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Party, Nathenael Mekonnen, a long-time political activist based in Addis Ababa, Kalayu Mehari, and Gedina Medhin from ethnic Tigray opposition parties—all confirmed to be in police custody.

Megabi Belui Abraham Haymanot (photo : SM)

Yishaq confirmed their current detention at the Mexico Square police headquarters in the capital, Addis Ababa. The arrests are directly linked to the planned peaceful demonstration scheduled for December 10, 2023.

The protest organizers had submitted a notification to the Addis Ababa City Administration Security Division twelve days prior to the planned event. According to the current Ethiopian constitution, peaceful protests are permissible if organizers notify government authorities 48 hours before the event. However, this week, the organizers disclosed receiving threats from both Federal and Addis Ababa City administrations. The government cited “security concerns in the city due to the current situation in the country” as the grounds for banning the peaceful demonstration. Nevertheless, the organizers are adamant about exercising their constitutional right to organize a peaceful protest.

Recent reports over the last two days indicate that Ethiopian Authorities have intensified crackdowns in many neighborhoods across the capital, Addis Ababa. Confirmations have surfaced stating that hundreds of youths were detained and taken to prison facilities.

The planned demonstration aimed to voice opposition to war and demand an end to conflicts in all parts of Ethiopia. The protestors assert that Ethiopia cannot sustain another devastating war and urge the government to resort to peaceful negotiation to resolve political issues in the country.

The two-year war between the Federal government and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) purportedly resulted in an estimated one million casualties in Afar, Amhara, and Tigray regions.

Abiy Ahmed’s administration initiated an extensive military operation in the Amhara region of Ethiopia immediately after signing the Pretoria Peace Agreement, which marked the end of the war with the TPLF.

Since August this year, the Amhara region has been under a state of emergency with restricted internet access and limited journalist mobility. Dozens ethnic Amhara journalists have been thrown behind bars  after the Abiy Ahmed started extensive war in the region under the guise of “disarming Fano.” Human Rights Organizations have confirmed that government troops engaged in drone attacks and artillery shelling, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of civilians in the region. Extensive egregious human rights abuse including extrajudicial executions and rape are reported. 

Meanwhile, the conflict in the Oromia region of Ethiopia between ethnic Oromo nationalist forces, including those at the Federal and regional government levels, remains ongoing. The second round of attempted peace talks in Tanzania between Abiy Ahmed’s government and the militant ethnic Oromo nationalist group, which identifies itself as the “Oromo Liberation Army,” concluded in November of this year without reaching an agreement.

The Ethiopian government, as of now, has not made any official remarks concerning the arrest of the coordinators of the planned peaceful demonstration in the capital Addis Ababa. 


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  1. Here is an automatic reaction

    ha). Only Government leaders in underdeveloped countries are jittery of peoples’ gathering

    hu). Consequently, the idea of gatherings is a prime taboo in under-developed country

    he). And that is LIFE in underdeveloped country

    haa). Ethiopia, the ancient INDEPENDENT country around the Globe shouldn’t have known better.

    hie). But then once a country — for that matter an entire Continent — fair to be democratic , there is not turning back

    hii). History proves to us glaringly >>>> if we are sensitive enough to feel between liberty and slavery.

    ho) Go ahead. slash me for expressing my opinion.

    le). But then, the distinction between liberty and slavery was not obvious to us all — named “under developed”

    lu). May I dare blame the GOOD LORD UP IN HEAVEN for blind eyes or for pure discrimination ?

    lee). But it begs the question farther >>>>> WHAT IS THE CRIME IN BEING COVERD BY COLOURED SKIN?

    ——————THE END ——————

    • Ha I always laugh on people like you who think they know but they don’t => but they still try to preach 🙂

      Hu how come you blame your skin for the world who is set up and still abused by white people for their benefit

      He That supposed to be the reason you should be focused on not a government who is trying its best to free the country from idiots

      Haa what do you think will happen if the government doesn’t arrest or stop such partially retarded politicians filled with hate? Destruction of Addis? more civilian death?

      Hie Most of you still don’t get it, you just like the commotion

  2. My doubts and fears are now being validated with the detention of these individuals. There has always been on-going ‘what ifs’ in my mind since 2018. I hope the PM will resign because it seems he is becoming more and more of a lightening rod for vocal groups left and right. It looks he is overwhelmed and things are beyond his ability to handle them effectively. The conflict in Oromia is getting closer and closer to the capital with ruffians running around unchecked in the region. They are killing anyone in their sight whenever they feel like it. They are killing every ethnic group at random. Another armed group in the 2nd largest region in the country, Amhara, seems to be a matter of time before it overruns every major town over there. With these two regions going belly up, your guess would be just as good as mine for what may follow. My daily prayer is, since peace negotiations with the rebel group have fallen flat on their face, the leaders of the two groups will suddenly get awakened by the Grace of The Almighty Our Creator and start talking. I believe in miracles especially miracles for that gem of the colored.

    In the meantime, I call upon those here among us who are qualified lawyers to look into the use of drones by the regime in which scores of civilians are killed and see if that qualifies as a crime against humanity. If it does, make noise at the halls of The Hague, UN and the ruling parties of Western nations. I am not talking about holding demonstrations because these have not been effective. I want you to seek audience with officials in the country of your residence and present your case convincingly. I have been hearing from my own merchant relatives that innocent civilians are being victimized by bombs raining unexpectedly on top of them by drones hovering over their heads way up in the distant skies. Even healthcare facilities are reported to have been targeted where providers and patients were killed in both Oromia and Amhara regions. It is terrorizing innocent civilians. You know what happens when civilians are terrorized. They will stop tending their farms and work places which lead to serious lack of food and exposure to deadly diseases. Malaria, dengue and cholera are killing scores of people throughout the country already. Now people have started dying from starvation already. Things are not boding well for the current regime. It may be time for another person to come in and try to cool things down. The previous PM Hailemarium was bold and dignified enough to excuse himself and pass the baton. This does not mean some with his stinking boot to come in and act like a savior. No sir! Not 1974 again!!!

  3. Ethiopia’s chaotic, nasty, and evil Amhara elite’s aristocracy is to blame for everything
    Ethiopia’s chaotic, nasty, and evil Amhara elite’s aristocracy is to blame for everything
    Ethiopia’s chaotic, nasty, and evil Amhara elite’s aristocracy is to blame for everything


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