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Security situation in Amhara Region hampers health care services

Amhara Region Heath Office
Amhara region Health Office (Photo : SM/file)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Breach of peace in the Amhara Region has created many problems in the health sector, sources said. 

Deutsche Welle, Amharic Service quoted the regional health office in Amhara Region as saying that  more than 10,000 people who were scheduled for surgery did not receive the treatment due to the blockade of roads. 

The spread of various diseases in the Region have been reported by the Health Bureau and other concerned bodies. According to the recent information obtained from Amhara Public Health Institute, about 90 people died of cholera that broke out in the Region. 

Some health experts and officials who were in attendance at the discussion, which was organised yesterday by the Amhara Health Bureau, pointed out that they were not providing full health services due to lack of resources, according to Deutsche Welle. 

The manager of Bure Hospital in West Gojjam Zone, Marigeta Zelalem, said that due to road closures, blood could not be brought from Debre-Markos Town. This has made things impossible for the health experts who are ready to help the patients, according to Deutsche Welle.

Medical Service Coordinator with West Gojjam Zone Health Department, Amlaku Belai said that although the health service facilities in the Zone are open, they do not have medical supplies.

Head of Amhara Regional Health Bureau, Abdulkerim Mengistu, said that due to the security crisis in the Region, 10,000 people who have been seeking medical treatment could not get access to the services. 

Following the blockade of roads, it was possible to transport the drugs and medical supply by air through Dessie to Bahirdar, according to the head of the Health Bureau. However,  delivering the medical supplies down to health stations has reportedly become a big challenge.

Abdulkerim further said that public health risks have occured in the Region. The 5,000 people who were infected by the cholera epidemic were the tangible evidence for his concern. Abdulkerim said that though 90 people died, it was possible to contain the epidemic that has spread out in the Region. 

He also said that the number of malaria patients is also increasing significantly. Dr. Melkamu Abte, Deputy Director of the Ethiopian Public Health Institute, who was recently in Bahir-Dar, said that he is working with stakeholders to prevent and control public health disasters in the Amhara Region.

It has been reported that 270 health facilities are out of service due to the security crisis in the Amhara rmRegion, Deutsche Welle reported. 


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