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Ethiopian Opposition Party Confirms Gruesome Massacre of 27 Orthodox Christians, Including 11 from Same Family, in Arsi Region

Pregnant woman among massacred Ethiopian Orthodox Church followers in Arsi Zone, Oromia region of Ethiopia. 

Orthodox Christians Massacred in Arsi
Victims were laid to rest in Arsi (Photo : Mahibere Kidusan TV)


Last week, reports surfaced regarding the massacre of 28 Orthodox Christians, which had been confirmed by Ethiopian Orthodox Church sources. Enat Party, one of the largest opposition groups in Ethiopia, has verified this tragic incident.

In a statement released last Friday, Enat Party revealed that the victims suffered a horrifying fate at the Sole Medhanialem (Holy Savior) and St. Michael Churches in Sherka District of Arsi Zone. Within four days following this distressing event, an additional eight individuals were massacred, culminating in a total of 35 casualties in less than a week.

More distressing details emerged, revealing that among the deceased were eleven members of the same family, including a child and a pregnant woman. This marks the fourth attack on Orthodox Church followers in the area within the past four months, leaving the local community living in constant fear of further violence.

The party emphasized that these attacks occurred subsequent to the disarmament of communities, which were compelled to surrender firearms used for self-defense. Enat Party strongly stated, “There is no more compelling evidence suggesting direct or indirect involvement of government officials in orchestrating these coordinated massacres.”

Enat Party condemned the abhorrent act, stressing that such massacres, rooted in deep-seated hatred, are inexcusable before both divine judgment and the law. However, the party expressed doubt regarding the justice system’s ability to deliver justice, citing its belief that the system itself is complicit as the “coordinator of the massacre.” Most of the victims were reported to be of ethnic Amhara descent.

The party further underscored that this atrocity aligns with a pattern of historical massacres against Amhara in the past three decades, contributing to widespread resistance in the region. 

Notably, the Federal government has yet to comment on this latest tragic event involving the massacre of Orthodox Christians in the Arsi area.

The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church, which has declared months long prayer, is yet to release an official statement regarding the latest massacre in Arsi Zone of Oromia region. 


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