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Gov’t going after those who left Amhara special forces, Sidama wants Hawassa be under the Federal gov’t? 


EVN Ethiopia reported that there are Sidama politicians who want Hawassa City, now the seat of ethnic Sidama regional state after the SNNPR was removed, to be under the Federal government. Borkena has not verified it from other sources 

The expressed interest has something to do with economic necessity as the city is reportedly facing shortage of fundings to provide government services. Business in the city is reported slow after decrease of local tourist inflow to the city. 

In a different political  development in the Amhara region, the government is reportedly going after members of the Amhara region special forces who  opted not to join government security apparatus after the Federal government ordered the dissolution of the regional special force. 

Take a listen from the featured video below 


Politicians in what is now the Sidama regon of Ethiopia have reportedly expressed interest in making Sidama City under the Federal Government. 

Video : embedded from EVN Ethiopia YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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