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Eskinder Nega: One of the Most Virtuous Men Alive

Eskinder Nega

By Belayneh Abate 

History has shown that the sages and the most virtuous people have been ridiculed and harassed during their lifetimes.  Prior to Christianity, Socrates was seen as a fool man among the public and as youth agitator, and dangerous person among the rulers. Even his own wife disrespected him and poured a bucket of water while he was sitting down in deep thought. Socrates was voted to death by the very Athenians Socrates was trying to liberate them from the corrupt and cruel rulers.  

Disrespect, harassment, and murder has never been limited to the sages and the virtuous people.  Christos himself was ridiculed, betrayed, harassed, and crucified at the end. Even his own disciples betrayed and failed to stand on his side when the time came. The people voted “hang Him!” when the kangaroo court judge, Pilate, was lamenting to crucify him.  Scriptures teach that only three people stood by his side during his crucifixion. 

In the early phase of Christianity, many sages and virtuous people were martyred by that time superpower roman emperors, who were directly or indirectly supported by the public. During the reign of emperor Nero, Saint Paul, many other Christian preachers, and lots of philosophers were murdered. Nero was a paranoid emperor who killed even his own mother, wife, brother, and advisors because he thought they were conspiring to overthrow his throne.  

Although many ignorant of virtue might frown and try to ridicule this comparison as ancient Athenians and Romans did, Eskinder Nega is one of the most virtuous humans alive to date. 

Virtue is a holy concept of humanity that encompasses practical wisdom, courage, perseverance, and justice.  The well-read and deeply religious man Eskender Nega has a good mind covered with deep conscience and practical wisdom.  He has been demonstrating unparalleled courage to speak and fight against injustice and unfairness. Relinquishing his luxurious life in the west, he exhibited exceptional perseverance withstanding harassment, displacement, imprisonment, and torture during his continued journey in search of truth and justice. 

Like the ancient virtuous men, Eskinder Nega has been betrayed by his supporters who strongly pushed him to establish parties, and his longtime friends. They shamelessly ridiculed him while they supported his harassers that they once called the “mosses” of Ethiopians.  The morons scorn him when he carried plastic bags to get out of prison cells and held sticks to cross the rivers although they know Eskinder Nega hailed from the well to do families like Saint Antony (the first Christian monk), and Budha the founder of Buddhism faith. We have witnessed some immoral individuals and organizations now standing behind his uncalled-for enemies although they used to amass  large sums of money by selling his pictures and T-shirts. 

Similarly, some unprincipled Ethiopians doubted even his sanity as some ignorant Athenians doubted Socrates’s intelligence. However, the virtuous man, Eskinder Nega, never exhibited a shred of discouragement or distractions like the historical sages and virtuous men ever existed. 

It has been almost 2500 years since the time of Socrates, but the world has shown little progress when it comes to public conscience, morals, and virtues. The public still gets deceived easily by heinous rulers and assists them in harassing the sages and the virtuous. I have no doubt the public will shout “hang Him” again when Christos comes.  No doubt Athenians would yell “give him hemlock!” if Socrates would revive and appear on the Earth.  All these tragedies are known to God, and may the Almighty shield Eskinder Nega, one of the most virtuous men alive on Earth. 

The writer can be reached at abatebelai@yahoo.com

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  1. “One of the Most Virtuous Men Alive?” I don’t think you used the word ‘virtuous’ properly. It could be you don’t have a good grasp of the English language. To mention Eskinder Nega, a fellow lost searching for fame by violent means, in the same breath with Socrates is absurd, and with Jesus blasphemy.

  2. The image on the right, the one shows an adult man crossing a river is a reminiscence of General MacArthur wading through the shoreline of the Philippines in this WWII photo in 1944: wikipedia.org/wiki/Douglas_MacArthur#/media/File:Douglas_MacArthur_lands_Leyte1.jpg
    Who is this military man? Was he crossing a river outside Addis Ababa? He seemed to be talking to some one. Was he saying ‘I came through: I have returned’? What a military genius! It looks his head is big, as big as a 70 Inch flat screen TV! Who is this genius? Would somebody please tell me? I am dying to know his name here. Please!


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