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Cholera claims lives of 23, infects over 770 Ethiopians in Somali Region

Somali region of Ethiopia Flood Cholera
Authorities visiting flood affected Somali region of Ethiopia (Photo : Public Domain)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Cholera has claimed 23 lives in parts of eastern Ethiopia that was hit by severe flooding, Save the Children UK made official on Thursday, warning that the outbreak could spread out of control in the region.

Voice of America Amharic Service reported yesterday November 30, 2023 quoting other news sources as saying that Ethiopia, its neighbours, including Kenya and Somalia, were hit by heavy rains and floods, due to climate change called ‘El Niño’. Many people lost their lives, and two million people were displaced, according to the report.

In Ethiopia’s Somali region, 772 people have been infected and 23 people have lost their lives in the last two weeks, Save the Children UK said.

In the worst-affected Kelafo Wereda, the pandemic is spreading rapidly among children under the age of five. This accounts for 80 percent of the entire infected people, the organization said.

Due to lack of basic sanitation services and the contamination of tap drinking water, the deadly disease is feared to spread rapidly, according to the news source.

The disease, which is transmitted through contaminated water and food, has been found to have occurred in 91 areas in Ethiopia, VoA said. 


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