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Almeda Textile Factory employees, Tigray Region, in dire situation: report

Almeda Textile Factory
Almeda Textile Factory Employees at work (photo : file/Social Media)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Employees of Almeda Textile Factory in Adwa Town, Tigray Region have been in dire situation  as they have not been paid salary since March 2021, sources said.

A worker, who wanted to remain anonymous, said that he has been working in the factory for more than 13 years. Many workers, including himself, are facing serious problems as they have not been paid for more than 30 months and have not returned to work, Wazema reported.

The chairman of the factory’s trade union, Gebre-Kristos Belai said that the factory has started maintenance work with no more than 200 workers. The chairman said that he was one of the few workers who returned to work but paid about a quarter of their original salaries.

The Trade Union Chairman, who mentioned that the factory had more than 5,200 workers, told Wazema news source that over 30 of them died due to lack of food and medicine.

The Chairman said that although the workers have repeatedly asked the management body for salary payment, they were told that they could not be paid as the factory has been damaged seriously during the recent war, Wazema reported.


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  1. Subject: “Almeda Textile Factory employees, Tigray Region, in dire situation: report”, November 30, 2023

    a) Shocking! Shocking! Shocking!

    b)) Words cannot express the shocking situation in the Textile Factory

    c) Now, some body — or some bodies of high class Managers (Officials) must explain the situation to “5,200 workers”

    d) The Company, Tigray, and Ethiopia in totality must accept the responsibility and FULLY compensate the 5,200
    e) It is not EMOTIONAL expression , but an absolute necessity to CARE and FEEL THE AGONY of those 5,200 workers
    who have no power or position to help themselves.

    f) In view of the fact that the Company is in Tgray, Officials of Tigray are fully responsible to investigate the case and
    ABOVE ALL to take care of the well fare of the ordinary workers.

    g) OUTSIDERS (IN & OUT of Ethiopia in TOTALITY) will definitely be anxious to see/ hear the consequential
    ACTION/REMEDIES that Officials of Tigray will take on the total remedy for the TRAGEDY. WE SHALL OBSERVE.

    —————- IT IS NOT THE END >>> WE SHALL SEE —————


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