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Interim Administration of Tigray Region allocates 50 million birr for emergency relief 

Getachew Reda (Photo :file/Social Media)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Cabinet of Tigray Interim Administration announced yesterday that 50 million Birr has been allocated for emergency life saving.

Statement issued by the Bureau of Communication Affairs of the Interim Administration  states that the cabinet has passed resolution in an extraordinary meeting it conducted on 26 November 2023 to allocate 50 million birr to help compatriots who have been affected by the severe drought in the Region.

The Bureau indicated in its statement that particularly many people and livestock have died due to the severe drought occured in  12 Woredas and 47 Kebeles located in three Zones of the Region.

The statement indicating that the allocated funds are insufficient, entrusted the region’s native investors, diasporas and friends of the people of Tigray to save the lives of their people and livestock by supporting them as much as possible.

The statement released by the Communication Bureau said that it is important to use internal capacity to the utmost instead of waiting for foreign aid to save the people who are at risk due to the drought.

Due to lack of rain during the past winter, damage is being done following the occurrence of severe drought in various areas of Tigray.

Over 210 people died in Abergele-Chilla Woreda from starvation caused by the severe drought occured in the Region following dry winter season, the Statement indicated. 


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