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Drone Attack in East Gojjam, Ethiopia, Claims Over 30 Lives

Ethiopia Drone Attack in East Gojjam
Iran made drone (Photo : Arab Weekly/file)


A devastating drone attack struck the Waber area in East Gojjam, in Ethiopia’s Amhara region, resulting in the tragic loss of over thirty lives, including several civilians.

Residents confirmed that the drone, which was reportedly engaged in combat air patrol, launched the fatal attack on Monday, as disclosed to EVN Ethiopia.

Amidst fierce resistance by Fano fighters against the Ethiopian Defense Force in the region, significant casualties have been reported among the Ethiopian Defense Force during the course of their operations against the Fano forces since August this year. In response, the Abiy Ahmed administration opted for extensive drone attacks and artillery shelling, which affected mostly civilians.

According to a report from Wazema radio, among those killed in Monday’s drone strike in Waber, Gojjam, were members of the Fano forces.

Local sources confirmed that many victims were laid to rest on the day of the attack.

As of now, the Ethiopian government has neither confirmed nor denied the occurrence of this attack.

Reports indicate a recurrence of drone attacks in Gojjam and other parts of the region. Earlier this month, the United Nations Human Rights expressed concern over the drone attacks in the Amhara region of Ethiopia.

Reliable local news sources continue to report ongoing clashes between government forces and Fano combatants in various parts of the Amhara region.

Since August of this year, the Amhara region has been under a state of emergency. Despite the government’s intention to suppress the movement within a two-week timeframe, reports from local sources revealed a substantial loss of Ethiopian soldiers  since the operation began in the region.


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  1. The Genocidal government of Abiy Ahmed government is massacring, looking, and destroying Amhara region deliberately. Ethiopians are suffering from Abiy Ahmed government hunger for War, high nflation, starvation, unemployment, displacements, economy pillaging, Drones attack , raping, Abducting and lawless Orommuma .
    Amhara do not want the presence of Abiy Ahmed fascist Oromo soldiers in Amhara region.
    Abiy Ahmed Remove Oromo Prosperity Party government out of Amhara regions and let Amhara live in peace!!

  2. Abiy Ahmed must Step Down! Ethiopians are yearning for peace Abiy could never be able to deliver.
    Abiy Ahmed your undeserving PM position is not worth Ethiopians lives n peace, safety, stability, and real prosperity.
    One violent power and blood thirsty Abiy Ahmed should not be allowed to squander 110 millions of Ethiopian taxpayers money as his own money for his power greed and weapons to kill his own people.

  3. If this story is true, my thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the victims. This should never have happened. This is utterly stupid conflict ignited and being led by stupid individuals. There is no justifiable reason for the youth of that region to be rounded up and taken to the bushes just to meet its untimely death. The youth in Oromia has been in the same predicament since 2018 where tens of thousands have already perished. Committed bigots are wreaking havoc in both Oromia and Amhara regions. They are sending the gullible youth in their regions into awaiting infernos from their safe rabbit holes. On one mouth these bigots brag about one victory after another and a few minutes later they tell us how locations well inside their regions were bombarded resulting in loses of innocent lives.

    To those of us who are willing to listen to various military communiques of these bigots, they have liberated Oromia while we were having our beauty rest since 2018 and the Amhara region was fully cleansed of all ‘enemy’ forces when nobody was looking since 2022. To be honest with you, I don’t understand why Rastaman Jaal has not declared his fiefdom Republic of Oromia. I don’t understand why a former ‘paper pusher’ has not declared Amhara region an independent ‘Republic’ to his liking!!! Hey you two! What are you waiting for? We are ready to celebrate your new republic fiefdoms with you! I promise to hire both Beyoncé and Taylor Swift to grace the celebration. I will toss Kanye and Rihanna in there as flavor enhancers. How about that? Let’s go!!!


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