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Abiy Ahmed’s Regime Lacks Moral Authority to Accuse Amhara of Rejecting Peace

Aklog Birara

The war against the Amhara people was initiated by the Abiy regime. Before this war, the Amhara region was the most peaceful in Ethiopia. While Amhara are denied rights outside the Amhara region, members of other ethnic groups lived and worked in the Amhara region without persecution. The region is therefore a model of multinationalism and diversity. 

Tragically, the war against Amhara has diminished this status. Each week, Amhara are being slaughtered like chickens using drones from China, the UAE, Turkey andI Iran. The regime is globe trotting in search of arms and aid. 

I discuss this anomaly of seeking peace while assaulting innocent civilians, looting assets, raping girls and women, causing starvation, destroying crops, killing cattle and the like in my latest interfae with Journalist Habtamu Assefa, HibreRadio.  Share it if you will. 

The only way out of Ethiopia’s nightmare is genuine peace and national reconciliation. The regime has yet to build confidence in facilitating durable peace in Ethiopia. 

Video : embedded from Hiber Radio YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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