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Ethiopia: Over 50 Ethnic Amhara Reported Massacred in Arsi, Oromia Region

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Reports indicate that more than 50 members of the ethnic Amhara community have been massacred in the Sero Michael locality of Sherka district, located in the Arsi zone of Ethiopia’s Oromia region.

The attacks occurred as isolated incidents within the locality over the past week. In one instance, around 28 unarmed Amhara farming community members were brutally killed. 22 other civilians were killed in separate attacks at different times – last week. 

Disturbing video footage purportedly depicting the massacre has circulated widely among Ethiopians on social media platforms. 

Survivors from Sherka district, fearing for their safety, provided reports of the massacre to Ethiopian news outlets on the condition of anonymity.

Efforts to get remarks from government authorities regarding the incident, as reported by the Ethiopian Media Service (a U.S.-based Ethiopian news outlet), have been unsuccessful. The Ethiopian government has yet to comment on the situation, and Ethiopian Human Rights Organizations have not released any statements.

It has been reported that the ‘Oromo Liberation Army,’ a militant ethnic Oromo nationalist group, is allegedly responsible for the massacre. Incidents targeting Amhara communities in the Oromia region have escalated significantly over the last five years. Tens of thousands of Amharas have been victims of such attacks since the arrival of the radical group in Ethiopia in 2018, invited by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed for a “peaceful struggle.” Prior to this, the militant group operated in Eritrea and parts of Kenya.

Despite recent peace talks between the militant group and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration, no agreement was reached. Initially kept confidential by Abiy Ahmed’s government, information about the second round of negotiations was disclosed only after criticism from five Ethiopian opposition parties. Details of the negotiation points remain undisclosed to the public. Both the government and the ‘OLA’ have exchanged accusations regarding the talks’ failure.


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  1. Once this story is verified and corroborated by EHRC, it is time for all of us to come together across the stupid ethnic line and condemn this savage act perpetrated by demons on innocent individuals. But first I call upon my dearest editors of this esteemed website to use their good office and journalistic connection and do their usual fact finding work. It does not matter how many were massacred because one Allah created life lost is life lost too many. I will be waiting.

  2. Like any other ethnic group, Amhara civilian deaths should be denounced by all. But the people who should be held responsible for it are Fannos, Ethio 360, Hambtamu Ayalew, Andaregache Tsige, honorary doctorate degree holder Mr. Yonas Biru, and his gang.

  3. Subject: “Ethiopia: Over 50 Ethnic Amhara Reported Massacred in Arsi, Oromia Region”, November 27, 2023

    SAD TO SAY, 29 Nov 2023
    1) WE haven’t seen yet,

    2) ETHIOPIA , the ancient independent country around the Globe, will keep on massacring itself to nothingness!!!

    3) The fact of the constant obssession, by Ethiopians, to liquidate themselves is a glaring testimony.

    4) The famous saying: “Gone With The Wind” is apptly applicable to Ethiopia of the 20th century.

    5). And Ethiopians cannot be blamed if they scatter around the world — and enjoying paradize of others, thus
    becoming fantastic writers!?!?!?!?

    6) I know what I am writing bcause I am in EARTHLY HEAVEN with all the tranquility that one can imagine.

    7). And what happens to the remaining Ethiopians at so-called Home ????

    8). May the Good Lord — wherever HE or SHE may be — stretch HIS/HER hands to the poor Ethiopians remaining on
    Earthly Hell (i.e. used to be called Ethiopia).

    9) I thank for the precious oportunity to express my feelings and thus very happy in a very kind
    foreign country >>> an opportunity that happens only in my dreams.

    10) But I am very sad — even if it is only simpleton worthy — for the remaining Ethiopians who are suffering on earthly
    HELLL. .

    ——————–THE END ——————–


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