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Politicians criticize the Federal Government for keeping secret points of discussion in recent negotiation  

Ethiopian Politician negotiation
Jal Mero (left) and Abiy Ahmed (right)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA -(BORKENA) – Politicians are criticizing the Federal Government for keeping secret the major points tabled for discussion during its negotiation with the shene armed combatants, who call themselves Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) Ahadu Radio reported.

The politicians said that the ruling party did not make things public when it invited the Oromo Liberation Front to enter back home from Eritrea. This same trend has been repeated on various occasions while the Federal Government was holding peace talks with opposition parties like Tigray People’s Liberation Front and OLA.

It is to be recalled that  the Federal Government has announced that the talk for peaceful resolution of the conflict conducted behind closed doors with the Shene or OLA has ended without agreements. Here also the general public have been left in confusion regarding why the talk failed?

A political science teacher, Bekalu Wachisso said that the initiative taken by the government to show desire to negotiate with rival groups was encouraging. But the way it has processed the conditions, objectives and benefits of the negotiations were not properly made clear to the general public from the very beginning. As the outcome of the negotiation is not limited to the negotiators, but it determines the fate of the citizens, the process should have been maintained properly and carefully in a transparent way, Bekalu said.

Due to this, the dialogue held between the two parties is not qualified to be called “negotiation”, according to Bekalu.

Ermias Tadesse, the other expert in politics, said that the failed negotiation of the two parties will leave a big scar on the general activities of the Oromia Region. He also said that this would have adverse impact at national level.

After the negotiations ended without any tangible outcomes, the Republican Guard of the Security Force has taken action against OLA combatants who were operating in South West Shawa, Sebeta-Hawas and Kersa-Malema areas, the news source, Ahadu FM 94.3 Radio reported. 


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