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Ethiopian Government Reports Talks with Somaliland on Berbera Port

Berbera Port _ Ethiopian deal
Berbera Port ( source : Somnews)


The Ethiopian government announced this week that it is engaging in what it calls a productive discussions with the Somaliland government regarding the utilization of Berbera Port.

Alemu Sime, Minister for Transport, addressed this development following the Ethiopian Prime Minister’s statement earlier this week, indicating the commencement of the Ethiopian calendar 2016 first-quarter review of the 100-day performance with the Council of Ministers.

During the evaluation meeting of the Council of Ministers, Alemu Sime discussed these talks, as reported by Wazema Radio, citing State media authorities.

Aleme Sime stated that the bilateral discussions with Somaliland concerning the use of Berbera Port have reached a “good stage.”  The Somaliland Ministry of Foreign Affairs has not yet responded to the claims made by the Ethiopian government.

In June 2022, reports emerged that Ethiopia had lost a 19 percent share of Berbera Port “over alleged failure to fulfil conditions it agreed to during the agreement to acquire it,” as reported by borkena at that time.

In 2019, a road project was initiated to connect Ethiopia with Berbera Port, with the goal of completion within a year. The 234 kilometer highway road project was planned to be completed by the end of 2022 which did not happen. 

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration has faced diplomatic tensions with neighboring countries following his assertions regarding access to the Red Sea. During the “Great Narrative” lecture to senior members of his government and ministers in late October this year, he emphasized his determination to pursue access to the sea, employing language that suggested the possibility of war over the sea. 


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  1. When you hear a story about Ethiopia in pressing need of a port/ports for its import and export needs, it begs you to ask questions. That country is the largest country in population and land area and it is also the largest economy in that region with no seaport of its own. But there are 3 countries that have such ports(Kenya and Sudan excluded here for convenience) that are just a stone throw away from Ethiopia. Only Djibouti has its port open for the land locked country. Such arrangement has created well paid jobs for thousands of Djiboutians. But the port in that tiny country seems to have reached its capacity limits. But there are other ports in Eritrea and Somalia that can be built up to handle the growing import and export needs of Ethiopia that will create tens of thousands of good paying jobs for the citizens of these two countries. Assab is left idle and rusting away. Berbera is buffed up by Dubai boys and it is sitting there just to show off as a nice picture on the wall. I can understand the Berbera issue. It may have diplomatic issue. But I don’t see any plausible reason about Assab or Massawa. Was there even formal talks between these two nations? What is holding it up?

    Djibouti is made up of people that also made up Ethiopia. Djibouti has its port wide open for ‘its people’ in Ethiopia. Eritrea is made up with the same ethnic groups as those in Ethiopia. Don’t pull that ‘reinvented lasagna and spaghetti’ on me here! Now, be very careful when you say this. Even though it’s made up of the same ethnic groups of people like Ethiopia, Eritrea is an internationally recognized sovereign state like Djibouti and Ethiopia. But for some mysterious reasons, its ports are slam shut on ‘its people’ in Ethiopia. I am aware that there was a stupid war started by stupid individuals between the two nations that raged and killed hundreds of thousands of people before. That was 23 years ago. Once bustling ports have been dead idle rusting and molding away since then. I am aware there have been some fishing and marine activities there with offshore oil drilling prospects all that. But the deal is ‘show me the money now, as we speak’. Officials from both nations should have their senses back and open up job opportunities for millions of their citizens. ‘I can do this to you’ point has already been made. Everybody’s got it! Learn from others even from those in Africa. Get on with it!

  2. In another news which I consider good news, Somalia has been allowed to join the EAC, East African Community. EAC is a giant economic powerhouse made up of 7 countries in the region with a combined population of close to 300 million. With Somalia joining in, it has now 8 members. I hope Ethiopia, Eritrea and Djibouti will also be members soon. It seems Somalia is finally sorting out the wherewithal of bringing lasting peace and stability to its besieged people. I congratulate my peace mongering Somali brothers and sisters on this good news!!!


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