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Experts who rejected data that were released from Prime Minister’s Office sacked

Ethiopia Central Statistics Agency

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Employees of the Federal Central Statistics Agency (CSA), who refused to accept data sent from the Prime Minister Office, were terminated from their jobs, sources said.

The experts, who were serving at CSA said that following their rejection of the data not to incorporate in the national report of CSA as confirmed statistics, they have been kicked out of their jobs, Ethio-Forum reported on 22 November 2023.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed presented to Members of the House of Peoples Representatives unconfirmed statistical data that “depict” the national macro-economic progress, annual economic growth and GDP of the country. The data that were reportedly sent from the Prime Minister’s Office to CSA were the same statistical “evidence” presented to the MPs by the Premier.  

The trend is that all statistical data that deal with the economic progress of the country come from the legal authority, CSA. However, what the employees reportedly said regarding the data, which they were ordered to accept, has no acknowledgement or certification of experts or the legal body, CSA…

The report or briefing given to the MPs by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed had reportedly been a big discussion point among the economists and other concerned experts before it was delivered to CSA.

The news source, Ethio-Forum said in its November 22, 2023 report that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed appointed Secretariat of the Oromo Peoples’ Democratic Organization (OPDO), now Oromo Prosperity Party, Beker Shalle, as head of CSA. 


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  1. Subject: “Experts who rejected data that were released from Prime Minister’s Office sacked” November 24, 2023

    Humble Commentary: 24 Nov 2034
    It is not a surprise. Here is my daring comment:
    ha). In all honesty, let me say: It shows real, candid, naked daring dictatorship.

    hu). If Ethiopians feel the treatment is an insult to their dignity, there is no one else on Earth but themselves to take all the
    necessary action.

    hee). Less than that, keep quiet and obey the dictatorship in line with his desire and ambition.

    ha). And the dictatorship of Ethiopia has not done anything different but exactly what he feels — as a true dictator.

    hie). And If Ethiopians do not like the behaviour, they have everything in mind and ability tact to save their wishes of LIVING.

    hi). There is absolutely NOTHING else they have to do.

    ho). And contrarily, if the Good People of Ethiopia wish to respect the status quo , they are free to do so.

    le) AMEN – INSHALLAH (in alphabetical order, please)

    lu). I have no more to say.
    ————– THE END ————-

    Absent of that logical.

    The Ethiopia People were not cohered to

  2. says a lot about a narcisist behavior – the whole federal structure is now rim-ful of opdo operatives – if only they knew their jobs and did it well. How longg this parody in this country


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