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Addis Ababa University Declines to Investigate and Revoke Abiy Ahmed PHD [62% Plagiarism] due to Fear

Ethio Chronicles

The failure of Addis Ababa University to uphold its credibility through a thorough investigation and resolution of the fraudulent and plagiarized thesis associated with Abiy Ahmed not only erodes the integrity of the university but also establishes a perilous precedent for Ethiopia’s academic landscape.

Universities affiliated with Addis Ababa University must take decisive action to exert pressure on the institution, compelling a comprehensive investigation into the alleged academic misconduct surrounding Abiy Ahmed’s work. Holding the university accountable for any lapses in academic integrity and ensuring the revocation of degrees acquired through deceitful means is essential.

Addressing this issue is not only pivotal for preserving Addis Ababa University’s reputation but also for safeguarding the core values of honesty and academic integrity that underpin the entire education system. Failing to effectively address such instances could normalize dishonesty within the academic realm, posing a threat to educational standards for future generations.

Academic institutions and organizations, must unite in calling for accountability and transparency from Addis Ababa University. This collective effort can contribute to ensuring that academic institutions universally adhere to the highest standards of integrity, setting an example for the emerging generation of scholars. Emphasizing the significance of academic honesty and ethical conduct in the pursuit of knowledge becomes paramount in fostering a culture of integrity within educational institutions worldwide.

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    • You really ought to switch the channel; this one, which is full of PHd rhetoric, is uninteresting and does little to help the impoverished, displaced, and suffering Ethiopian people. Ask an AI image generator for PHd if you’re lonely and it will provide you with one right away.

      With this dispute and the revocation of Abiy Ahmed’s PHD, how will your people benefit?

      But if you can garner public attention and put an end to the mass murder of defenseless civilians, you might be able to help people. Make sure Abiy Ahmed and his gang members are brought before the ICC. For the entire Ethiopian population suffering under Abiy Ahmed and his terrible party, that will be worthwhile labor.

      Similar to Abiy Ahmed, a number of PhD holders were neither awarded the Nobel Prize nor able to become prime ministers. He accomplished a great deal that goes well beyond his PhD. These days, anyone can become a PhD holder, and if you pay large sums of money to agencies, they will assist you in obtaining the entire dissertation and your desired academic credential. Whichever path he took, he managed to become PHD, ascend to the top position, rub salt in the faces of TPLF leaders,and sour relations with TPLF leaders. All Ethiopians must denounce him because he is a genocidist, a con man, an embezzeler, and a killer of every ethnic member.

      Please visist our website wwwDOT 5staressaysDOTcom / ourwriters

      Humanitarian aid should reach Amhara region and to all those who need it . STOP Mass killings of innocent AMHARA, OROMO civilians.

  1. This article is obviously written by a radical Amhara or supporter of the Fano delusionals. Hating a person is one thing and whining all the time is another just because he is Oromo and doesn’t align with your esoteric thinking.

  2. For those interested, I just came across a fair treatment of AAU granting the PhD to PM Abiy in Ethiopianchurch dot org Books & Reviews page.

  3. You didn’t even bother to state the methods how you reach on this no and conclusion … yet you question others credibility unless they take you for your words and take action … couldn’t fit the saying any better …
    “Hypocrisy is the compliment vice pays to virtue.”

  4. yes, I was at institute of peace and security when Abiy presented his desertion. He submitted the first 3 chapters altogether and it was evident that each had been written by someone else instead of him because you work on a chapter, submit the draft, get your feedback, improve it, submit it again, and only when the chapter is approved can you move on to the next chapter. When he submitted the whole desertion his examiner was abroad and there was noone to challenge him…

  5. MRS righteous , what is the purpose of the article….to humiliate the PM? The Oromo Lawyer’ Association and others wrote letters to the Nobel Committee desperately wanting the PM’s Nobel Prize revoked…now this? You people are scary.

  6. …and? You are all deranged and evils. If you are comfortable to go this far to attack your fellow man, a duly elected PM, you’re dangerous and will stop at nothing to destroy a human being. Very sad.


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