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Addis Ababa University terminates renowned professors 

By Staff Reporter
Updated on November 24, 2023, at 8:52 A.M. Toronto time (incorrect information about Aregawi Berhe was edited. He is not the father of Hermela Aregawi).

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Addis Ababa University (AAU) has terminated renowned professors from their employment, sources said.

Following the appointment of the new Board Chairman, Dr. Samuel Kifle,  the administration of AAU has been laying off top senior professors with rich academic services in the sector, Anchor Media disclosed on Tuesday 21 November 2023.

Anchor Media quoted its unnamed sources as saying that the professors who are known for their “Ethiopian nationalist sentiments” have been made to receive letters of termination from their respective responsibilities while those affiliated to the ruling Prosperity Party were assigned as new entrants at the University.

Anchor said that the newly appointed Board Chairman, Dr. Samuel Kifle appointed seven vice academic presidents. This is an unprecedented trend in the history of AAU, according to Anchor. 

Among the instructors who were laid off is professor Haregewoin Assefa, one of the renowned Ethiopians who voiced their denouncements against narrow nationalism, and ethnic politics. 

Professor Haregewoin had come back home from abroad following the invitation of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. Professor Haregewoin was one of the supporters of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. But his government “sacked” her for unknown reasons, according to Anchor.

Professor Haregewoin, who is from Tigray Region, is the mother of the famous journalist Hermela Aregawi. Many Ethiopians love and appreciate both mother and daughter for their un swerved stand against ethnic politics. Hermela lost her two jobs through an “opposition campaign” orchestrated by Ethnic politicians, ethnic entrepreneurs including supporters of Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).


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  1. Subject: “Addis Ababa University terminates renowned professors”. November 22, 2023

    Humble Opinion
    a). And so, which way are well known Tigriyan individuals would be their remaining Life?

    b). Perhaps it does not matter

    c). Perhaps the whole thing is an ambition by individuals — of their own glory.

    d). It is very sad that Black Africans are incapable of looking at the broad perspective on ETHIOPIA at large.

    e). But then, if that is what we are, let NATURE. take its choice.

    f). Still, it is still extremely sad to see the ugly reality of Black Africa

    g). One can’t help musing : What and where did WE BLACK AFRICANS went WRONG IN LIFE TO BE TREATED AS

    h). Perhaps we may exchange our Earthly history when we settle on Purgatory.

    ————–What an ENDING!!!!!!!———————

    • It must be a phd holder AI bot programmed to write in the same pattern.

      Everyone should cross their fingers in the hopes that those in need of help will get it. We all hope that the belligerents from Ethio 360 and the self-appointed Fanno activists cease to support and sponsor violence and genocide in Amhara systematically for their personal benefit, causing countless deaths of defenseless, lovely souls, kids, seniors, and other groups.
      Dismantle Mahibrekidusan if it still exists in Oromiyaa and the rest of the regions.

  2. Never quote Anchor Media/Mesay, a hateful and greedy individual is running it. Eg. 1/ He reports the reason for prof. Haregeweyin’ s leaving AAU is “unknown.” As a “journalist” he should have investigated the cause before concluding she was unfairly treated!
    2/ He reports “professors who are known for their “Ethiopian nationalist sentiments” were unfairly removed. He is suggesting faculty members are Amharas (which is why I said Mesay is hateful and greedy for quick bucks).

    Anchor/Mesay misses three elements from current changes; firstly, AAU is organizing to attract paying top grade students to revive quality of education destroyed by Tplf; secondly, the new president is trained in business/commerce with long experience in higher ed admin; thirdly, it is common practice to retire ageing faculty and those who don’t fit into the new policy in order to bring in fresh blood!
    3/ Borkena should fact check before publishing articles.

  3. Borkena, do you really use Anchor media as a reference? It is not as such difficult to ask the university for clarification on the news. Second, Is Dr Aregawi Berhe Hermela’s father? No he is not. So how can we trust Borkenas news for the future if it doesn’t strive to bring tangible news? Just bulshit.

  4. I remember Dr. Aregawi Berhe being asked in an interview (available on YouTube) if he is the father of Hermela Aregawi and he mentioned he is not related to her at all. In the above article the Dr. is mentioned as the father of Hermela. I have no have idea what kind of journalist training these falks have. They write articles about things they have no knowledge or any credible evidence. It is very sad to see that the quality of everything in our days is going down the hill.


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