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Mekelle : Continued violence, murder in correctional facility 

Mekelle Ethiopia
Mekelle City (file/SM)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – At least four prisoners died in a clash that erupted at a prison located in Mekelle City of Tigray Region, sources said. Prison officials have admitted that measures were taken against inmates who were trying to escape.

Coordinator of Mekele Correctional Facility, Commander Amanuel Fissiha disclosed here that the violence, which claimed lives of four inmates, started last Saturday, November 11, 2023.

Although the cause of the violence that broke out in the Mekele prison since last Saturday and continued until yesterday is not clear, four inmates have been killed by the prison guards and nine others have been injured. According to Prison Coordinating Commander, Amanuel Fissiha, 125 inmates attempted to break out through the prison gates during the violence that started on Saturday late afternoon at around 5:30 PM.

The prison administration made public that at least four inmates who attempted to escape were shot by the prison guards. Yesterday and last Sunday there was a commotion in the prison, which was put under control by the riot police of the south force, according to Commander Emanuel.

The cause of the riot is not yet known, Amanuel said. Apart from the dead and wounded prisoners, seven prison guards also reportedly suffered “severe physical injuries”. This morning, many families of prisoners were gathered around the prison waiting in line to find out about the condition of their inmate relatives.

Families of prisoners demanded “better treatment and respect for the rights of the inmates”. Abadit Tekle, who came to see the condition of her imprisoned brother, said that she arrived there to see the condition and safety of the prisoners. “I have not seen my brother yet. I am still looking for him… No one should be harmed. The rights of prisoners should be respected as per the law, and the prisoners and the prison guards should not be harmed. They don’t have to. I say that prisoners should stay until their cases are closed. Everyone is a citizen, and no one should be harmed,” Abadit commented.


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  1. Subject: “Mekelle : Continued violence, murder in correctional facility”   November 14, 2023

    Humble Opinion, 14 Nov 2023
    1). “violence, murder , …. ” ?!?!?!?

    2). Tigray asked for it — and it has nobody to blame but itself

    3). Non-Tigrayans by-standers will see more of Tigray’s Tragedy, with amusement!!!!

    4) Where did the Tigray’s ingenuity and deep wisdom blow ?????

    5). Where are the Tigrayans who instigated the inherent revolution against Ethiopia???

    6). What were THEY looking for when THEY thought of isolating ancient Tigray from Ethiopia.

    7) One can’t hep wondering whether they were aware of the ANCIENT SOLID INTER-RELATIONSHIP, ETHIOPIA as a

    8) To stretch it farther, were they aware that Historically : TIGRAY is ETHIOPIA and ETHIOPIA IS TIGRAY ?????

    9). Finally, even if Tigray is separated from Ethiopia, will that be of economic benefit to the people of Tigray ???

    10). Finally, one can’t help musing about the inherent deep identity of those who are instigating the disintegration of
    an ancient Country — A country that Atse Yohaness of Tigray sacrificed his Life for ETHIOPIA, AS A WHOLE

    11). One stands to be corrected abut the ancient history of the glorious Black African Country named Ethiopia.

    12). Finally, what is the ULTIMATE TANGIBLE BENEFIT for Tigray >>>>> separating from Ethiopia ?!?!?!?

    13) Please be HONEST in your answer >>>> to YOURSELF and yourself only, PLEASE.

    —————–THE END ——————


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