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Orthodox Church priest shot while on religious duty

Orthodox Church Priest
Abba (father) Ermias Weldetsadik

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Abba (father) Ermias Weldetsadik, A renowned priest and head of Bole Bulbula Holy Abba Samuel Church, was shot while serving at the church, sources said.  

Abba (father) Ermias Weldetsadik  previously served as head of Debre-Tshai St. George Church around a village specially known as Ferensai. Abba Ermias was at a two-day conference in the parish on November 11 , 2023. Later after the end of the conference, at an evening meeting, while blessing the congregation, he was shot and sustained severe injury. After this sordid incident, Abba Ermias was admitted to a hospital where he is now under medical treatment. May God send his mercy upon him! Amen!

It is to be recalled that many priests of Orthodox Christian faith were shot and killed while they were on religious duty in various parts of the country. Those who were murdered in cold blood in Arsi Zone of Oromia Region and the other priest who was stoned to death under glaring sun in Addis Ababa have captured special attention of the local and international media sources. 


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  1. Sadly,a great deal of the heinous crimes that are happening in Ethiopia these days do not align with the extraordinary morals and highly esteemed mindset that characterize Ethiopians. Despite their wide range of ethnic and religious distinctions, Ethiopians were renowned for their friendliness, compassion, hospitality, and peaceful way of life. Ethiopia is going in a very worrying direction these days, and the way social standards are being disregarded and the fabric of society is being broken is truly upsetting and taking the lives of lovely beings far too soon.

    Regardless of the actors’ ethnic and religious backgrounds or the reasons behind the murders, all Ethiopians should vehemently denounce them.

    On behalf of all peaceful, serene Ethiopians, we wish the Very Rev. Abba Ermias Weldetsadik a speedy recovery. Safety and security for everyone who is enduring the dictatorship of Abiy Ahmed and the war mongers from Fanno.
    In Ethiopia, there shouldn’t be a single dominant ethnic group-no more one-ethnic supremacy . It is not appropriate to allow Fanno to govern Ethiopia. Fannos believe they can heal political rifts by assassinating politicians and leaders and maintaining their position of power. They are barbaric, child and priest killers who disregard the contemporary legal system and senior mediation. Kindly give up daydreaming. PLease Stop day dreaming and hallucinating.


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