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State of Emergency imposed on Amhara Region failed to bring about peace: politicians

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By Staff Reporter 

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Politicians are asking that the State of Emergency imposed on the Amhara Region should be lifted as it failed to bring about peace across the Region, sources said.

VoA reported quoting some politicians that it has become impossible to control the breach of security through regular legal procedures in Amhara Region. The politicians said that as this has been proved over the last three months,  the government should think of lifting the State of Emergency declared in the Amhara Region by the Council of Ministers.

Member of the House of Peoples’ Representative from National Movement of Amara (NaMA) Abebaw Desalew, said that as the government should realise the fact on the ground that it failed to respond to the public demand through the State of Emergency, this is the time to consider lifting the imposition.

President of Enat Party Seife-Silassie Ayalew says on his part that innocent citizens have suffered a lot in the last three months due to the war being conducted between forces of the federal government and the armed militants in Amhara Region. This is a complete failure to learn from the war occured in the northern part of the country.

The government, on the other hand, announced in a statement it has given recently that the security status of most parts of the Amara region has been reinstated. 


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