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Ethiopia’s Ministry of Health discloses that over three million citizens infected with malaria 

Ethiopia Malaria
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By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – The Ministry of Health has disclosed that the conflicts that occurred repeatedly in different parts of Ethiopia and the ones being witnessed at the present time have continued to be challenges for the health sector, sources said.

The Federal Ministry of Health made this official at the 25th Annual Conference of the Health Sector, held under the theme “Strong Health Financing for Sustainable Health Development”, Ethio – FM 107.8 Radio reported.

The Minister of Health, Lia Tadesse (Dr.), said on the occasion that the prevalence of epidemics such as malaria has put a huge challenge on the health sector. Minister Lia stated that the fact that more than three million citizens are victims of malaria is a good case in point, according to Ethio – FM 107.8 Radio.

The Minister said that work has been done in such a way that the security problem cannot hamper the health services. Epidemics, man-made crises including drought that have occured in some areas of Ethiopia have reportedly continued to be challenges.  

Prevention and control of cholera and similar epidemics, including malaria, will be the focus of the next three-year plan, the minister said.


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