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Fano forces reportedly controlled part of  Lalibela town

Lalibella (Photo: screenshot from Anchor media)


Rural areas outside of  Lalibela, one of Ethiopia’s historic cities ,  have been shelled with artillery that the Ethiopian Defense Forces fire from inside the town causing grave concerns among residents that the shock from the heavy weaponry would damage the 12th century churches in the city. 

On Wednesday in the morning, there was an intense fighting between Fano forces and Ethiopian Defense Forces starting at 8 a.m. in the morning. 

VOA Amharic reported, citing AFP as a source, that a deacon, who spoke on condition of anonymity, from the city said that Fano forces were seen in the city.  However, the airport in the city was still under the control of the Ethiopian Defense Force – according to the VOA Amharic report. 

Federal government and Defense Forces authorities have declined to remark on the development in Lalibela. 

Fano forces were reportedly heading to the city from four directions and the fighting started around 8 a.m. in the morning. 

Anchor Media, U.S. based cyber media with connections to sources from the conflict zone in the Amhara region, on Wednesday confirmed that Fano Forces have controlled Lalibela except the AirPort which is outside of the city. 

However, the number of casualties from the conflict is unknown.  

There was a report this week that residents in the city were concerned for the safety of the 12th century Rock-Hewn Churches as Ethiopian government soldiers were shelling Fano positions in the rural areas with heavy artillery.  

There have been several fighting’s between Fano Forces and the Defense Forces in and around Lalibela city at least since August this year. 

In a related development, Anchor media reported that the government forces suffered a serious setback in Gojjam as the armed resistance in the area turned out to be a popular war.  Government forces have been launching a recurring drone attack in the zone. Despite heavy civilian losses, including by extrajudicial executions, resistance did not subside in the region. 

Government forces have reportedly retreated from Quarit and Dega Damot areas of Gojjam.

The Amhara region of Ethiopia has been under a state of emergency since August this year. The Federal government initially intended to disarm Fano forces across the region within a span of two weeks. As it turns out, Fano forces are still in control of many areas in the region, and the war does not seem to end any time soon. 


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