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Abiy Ahmed’s gov’t , Shane holding second round of talks in Tanzania

Jal Mero-Abiy Ahmed talk
Jal Mero ( Kumsa Driba), leader of the military OLF-Shane group. The organization is linked to the slaughter of tens of thousands of Ethnic Amhara civilians in Wollega region. As of now, there is no an arrest warrant from relevant international bodies.


Abiy Ahmed’s government and the OLF-Shane armed group, which the Ethiopian Parliament designated as a terrorist organization, are reportedly holding their second round of talks in  Tanzania.

BBC Amharic, on Wednesday, reported ,citing what it called sources close to the issue, that the talk has been going on for days now. However, the political leaders on the part of Abiy Ahmed’s government do not seem to be taking part. 

Military figures from both sides are taking part in the negotiation. But it was not specified who exactly was taking part representing the two groups. 

Addis Maleda, a local news source, on Wednesday, reported citing Addis Standard, also a local news provider that is believed to have links with Oromo nationalist groups, that the talk started on Tuesday in Dar Es Salaam. Addis Standard cited “diplomatic sources.” 

The source added that Kumsa Driba ( Jal Mero), leader of the OLF Shane, is mainly operating in the Wollega area of Oromia region, and represented the rebel group in the talk. It was said that a third party, unspecified, made arrangements for Jal Mero to fly to Dar es Salaam from the “jungles of West Oromia ”. He was first flown to Dembi Dollo – where more than 17 ethnic Amhara Dembi Dollo University Students, mostly female, were abducted about two years ago. He was flown to Tanzania in a helicopter. About two days ago, rumors were circulating on social media that the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) made the arrangements for him to fly to Tanzania. 

Addis Maleda report confirmed, citing Addis Standard, that Workneh Gebeyehu, former senior Oromia region official and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, facilitated Jal Mero’s attendance – apparently in his current role as Secretary of IGAD. 

The source further reported that gov’t officials (from the Federal government and the Oromia region), and the representatives from the rebel group had what is said to be a “successful political discussion” for about three weeks before the meeting in Dar es Salaam. 

OLF Shane, or Oromo Liberation Army as it calls itself, engaged in armed activity after it entered Ethiopia in 2018 from its base in Eritrea after the Abiy Ahmed administration invited all armed opposition groups to enter the country and struggle “peacefully.”  The group is linked to the massacre of tens of thousands of massacres of ethnic Amhara civilians in Wollega region and for numerous kidnappings in the region. 

According to a BBC Amharic report, Kenya and Norway were mediators during the first round of talks in Zanzibar. The Key point of disagreement during that round was that the militant OLF-Shane (“Oromo Liberation Army”) demanded the formation of a transitional government by the ruling Prosperity party and other Oromo Nationalist parties. Leader of the Oromo Nationalist Congress Merera Gudina, said, during an interview with Ethiopian Reporter in August this year, that Abiy Ahmed’s government offered Amnesty for the rebel Oromo organization and for any asset acquired during their armed activity to be guaranteed safety by the government. 


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  1. Hey kids!

    It is enough with war of bloodshed and destruction. Peaceful and stabilized society is the civilized way of living. Enough with the stupidity that has caused the deaths of so many young and other innocent people!!!

  2. In one way, this shows how the world is changing. Back in the 1960’s and 70’s, to hold talks with groups you call ‘terrorists’ is unthinkable. When talks were held between the Eritrean fronts and the then Ethiopian governments, it was pretty evident that the fronts never engaged in targeting civilians. We can all say the Eritrean fronts used to take extra precaution to avoid civilian casualties. But our ‘fronts’ of these days seem not care about the consequences of their military actions on civilians. In fact, it is abundantly discernible that these fronts go after civilians or civilian quarters and in the process murdering and maiming tens or hundreds in a single raid. They do that when they are starving for publicity. They do that because they never achieved any military success on the battle fronts. If they ever tried to engage government forces, they were licked in one clash after another. Then they take their anger out on innocent civilians falsely accusing them of government agents/lackeys. This has been working for them like a charm. How is that? You may ask. It got them a trip to a glitzy resort in Zanzibar, didn’t it? Now, who knows where it took them this time around. May be now it is time to another exclusive Four Seasons Resorts Villas in Seychelles. They will talk and bust their moves at the dance hall. Then at the end of ‘grueling’ talks they will tell us the usual that they could not arrive at a ‘truce’ but they have agreed to meet again. Jal and his ‘indomitable’ warriors will go back to their usual chores of murdering poor farmers and low wage-earning civil servants and the government will go back honing its skills in the use of drones raining bombs on innocent civilians. That is called a ‘country’ folks!!!

    I am writing this from my ever-standing conviction that there is no reason for any kind of armed struggle in any region in that country. None whatsoever!!!!! Take that to the bank! If some of you war mongers don’t like my unflinching stance on stupid armed struggle, you can jump to your death from a high rise building or jump in the deep end a lake near you. No one will shed tears. Good riddance!!!!!

    • You are incessantly displaying your hate to people of Oromo in subtle manner .

      According to your slogan, you hate Abiy just because he is Oromo. It is safe and sufficient to stay: “”Abiy Ahmed must go!
      You men cannot hide your ethnic-based propaganda and hate.
      Your blood is boiling over the idea that one ethnic group in Ethiopia is not superior to all other ethnic groups, as you presumed it to be. The majority of you praised Abiy Ahmed as the first Amhara guy to receive the Nobel Prize, and everyone recalls your fantasy. Now that you have removed his cloak and reduced him to the appearance of a helpless animal, all because he did not murder Oromos and Tigrayans the way you had desired, let’s hope that all of you, Fano activists, recover amazingly and miraculously from your incurable illnesses.

      • Sorry but you are doing wrong allegations on the comment of Ittu Aba Farda.
        You can make Oromia great with peace and harmony to the rest of Ethiopians not with narratives!

        • Thank you for your understanding my opinion as it should. I don’t usually respond to loose lipped bigots like this one. But one could tell he/she may be one of those loser day dreamers who are hell bent to carve out a territory as their own fiefdom. They can fantasize about that from their Section 8 joints in Twin Cities but it ain’t gonna happen even if hell freezes over a million times. You can also tell what my Oromo community has to put up with on a daily basis. Hate mongers like him have completely closed off the community from other communities and if you try to associate yourself with others from different communities in our Diaspora you will be ostracized as Neftegna hugger or even Oromo hater. They use such ploy/tactic to silence other Oromos who have woken up to their hideous scheme. They were losers when we cross pathed for the first time in the 1970’s and they are still losers to this day! Nuff said for me right now!!!

          • Dear Ittu Aba Farda
            How are you Mr Ittu ?
            Mr. Ittu Aba Farda is a level-headed, sagacious, self-controlled, and restrained individual who has been a VIP reader and a Premeium account holder in Borkena, which is well-known for spreading hate speech against Oromos and Tigrayans, for a number of years.

            Having said that, the above comment is not intended to offend or even target Mr. Ittu Farda, but rather Fanno activists and hate speech experts like Dr. Yonas Biru and his gang members.

            The man goes by the name “Wondu.” He is a sycopant and boot-licker, seeking appreciation in vain. All visitors to this website know that Ittu Abba Farda has been advocating for peace and even condemning those who speak ill of the revered people of Oromiyaa. Therefore, do not misinterpret and take speculation to the next extreme level.

            Please do not let your spirit fall from grace, and do not defy expectations. All people know you as a level-headed and grown-up person. The comment is not about you at all.
            *****Free Tigray, free Oromiyaa, and free Amhara people from Fannos and some criminal ENDF members
            +++++Free Ethiopian orthodox Tewahedo church from the so-called Mahibrekidusan (satanic society) Amhara people are starving, dying, and being displaced due to warmongers within Fanno and their actvists who want to destroy the entire non-Amhara people. 
            Mahibrekidusan is an enemy of EOTC, and Fanno is an enemy of Amhara and all Ethiopians. Dear Ittu Aba Farda

      • You do not make Oromiyaa great again by wedging war. Oromiyaa has always been great similar to all other ethnicities. You are a baised individual without any sense of peace

  3. Let’s say these so-called Fanos and their contemporaries in Western Wallagaa who call themselves OLA have managed to bring an area/territory under their full control. Then, what will they do with the territories where the government forces are driven out? Then what? Declare republics respectively? These two groups know how to inflame the raw emotions of the hapless unemployed youth and sway them to their sides where hundreds and even thousands have already lost their Allah Blessed lives. But I tell you what the conniving leaders of these two groups would do if they succeeded in their wicked endeavor. They will carve out territories and declare them as their personal fiefdoms. Then will do what they want with the kowtowed population under their control. Jal and gangs and whoever is leading the Fano hodge podge will demand black milk from green cows. They will keep their long knives busy silencing any dissident that come in their way. The world’s and especially African experience is, there has not been a single armed group that brought democracy and human rights after it liberated a country or region. Not one since the American War of Independence. No one!!! If you need most recent history of ‘successful’ armed rebellions/liberation fronts, all you have to do is, look around!!!


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