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TOP 20 Shocking Facts You Never Know About Abiy Ahmed

Ethio Chronicles 

Ethiopians are still in shock and struggling to make sense of Abiy Ahmed, their self-proclaimed leader. His entire life narrative is a convoluted mess, riddled with inconsistencies and inexplicable gaps. Most Ethiopians had never even heard of him before he forcefully took control, seemingly emerging from thin air. Instead of bringing stability, his tenure has plunged Ethiopia into one conflict after another.

Abiy’s true identity remains shrouded in mystery, as he has even altered his name and religion. The sheer volume of misleading information surrounding his educational and career background is beyond comprehension. There are countless pressing questions left unanswered. Every time he opens his mouth, it’s as if he’s plumbing new depths of ineptitude, and Ethiopians are struggling to keep up with the chaos he unleashes

Under his disastrous rule, Ethiopia has gone from one nightmare to the next, with a shocking loss of lives and a mind-boggling 30 billion in devastation. Unless Ethiopians band together and get rid of this guy, he’s going to keep causing misery. There’s a real fear that Ethiopia may be lost for good.

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