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Somali region: Flood claimed 20 lives, tens of thousands displaced 

Somali region flooding
The Somali region is expected to continue receiving heavy rainfall and the risk of further flooding exits (Photo : Public Domain)


The Somali region of Ethiopia has been facing drought like many areas in the country. But this week, the disaster came from flooding as the region received a  very high amount of rain. 

At least 20 people were killed due to floods and about 12,000 people were displaced, according to a disclosure from Somali Regional State Communication Bureau. 

Beshir Arab, the region’s coordinator for the Disaster Prevention office, has confirmed that the flood has claimed lives in the region. 

In addition to human lives, damage to livestock, crops, and property is reported, the estimate of which is unspecified. 

The report from the region’s Communication Bureau also indicated that humanitarian organizations have been working on delivering emergency aid. However, the effort was complicated because the flood washed away roads and essential bridges in the region. 

The meteorological forecast in the country indicated that the region will continue to receive heavy rainfall. It means that the risk of flooding still exists. 


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