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Teachers’ salaries in regions remain unpaid for months, unfairly cut up to 60 percent

Ethiopian Teachers
Ethiopian Teacher’s Association this week held its 36th regular session in Jijiga, the Somali Region of Ethiopia (Photo : ETA SM)

By Staff Reporter
ADDIS ABABA , (BORKENA) – Ethiopian Teachers’ Association widely discussed at its 36th annual meeting the unpaid salaries and  exaggerated deduction of salaries of many teachers in various regions, sources said.  

Leaders of the Association who participated in the meeting, which was held for three consecutive days in Jigjiga city of Somali Region,  told the Weekly Amharic Reporter that teachers in Oromia, Southern Ethiopia, Central Ethiopia, Sidama and other Regions had their salaries unfairly cut and deducted.

President of Southern Ethiopia Teachers’ Association, Amanuel Paulus told the Reporter that up to 60 percent of teachers’ salary in the Region is cut (deducted) and the reason given for this is not convincing.

The Federal Government transfers the annual budget to the Regions. However, Regions do not send it to the Weredas, and what teachers heard is that the budget “was utilized for payments of fertilizers,” according to the Reporter. It was indicated in the meeting that sometimes teachers wait for several months without being paid and are only paid half of their salary.

While the government is talking about the quality of education, teachers are reportedly not paid their due salaries and there is no promotion and education reform. According to a member of the executive committee of the association, there are limited teachers with bachelor’s degrees in high schools in many Woredas of the region. There is also a situation in which Regions take loans from budgets of the 2025 Ethiopian Fiscal Year.

President of Ethiopian Teachers Association, Yohannis Benti (PhD), told the Reporter that the meeting widely discussed the issue of teachers and at length the Minister of Education Birhanu Nega (Professor) commented that the Regional representatives should take ownership of the issue and find solutions to the problems.

During the course of the discussion, teachers in all regions forwarded a request to the government to improve their living conditions and the Minister, Birhanu Nega (professor) said that depending on the situation, work would be done to help change the lives of the teachers, Reporter quoted Association President as saying. 

Yohannis further said that the issue of 500 displaced teachers from Afar Region was also raised in the discussion. The participants requested the repatriation of these teachers back to Afar from Tigray Region.

The president said that an agreement was reached to continue the summer education program for teachers, which was interrupted during the past summer of Ethiopian Fiscal Year. 


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