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People are evacuating villages due to worsening of kidnapping in Oromia Region

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By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Voice of America (VoA) reported that tens of thousands  of  innocent citizens  have been held hostages in different parts of Oromia Region by Oromo Militants, Oromo Liberation Army, commonly known as Shene  .

People who have been released from captivity, families of hostages and government sources have said that over the past few weeks alone, dozens of citizens have been taken hostage by the militants in different areas of the Oromia Region.

The news source said that the kidnappers would demand a large sum of ransom money to set free the hostages. The residents who expressed grave concern over the act, declared that they were forced to evacuate their villages.

A witness who said that he was born in one of the areas where the arrests were made said that eight farmers recently paid up to 300,000 birr of a ransom money per person to the hostage takers. The other individual who was released said that he along with his friends had paid more than two million birr to the hostage takers.

Head of the communication Bureau of the Oromia Regional government, Hailu Adugna, blamed the armed group, which calls itself the Oromo Liberation Army for the arrest.

Oda Terbi, who claims to be spokesperson of the Oromo Liberation Army, denied the allegations, according to VOA.

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