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“Grand Narrative” : Ethiopian Prime Minister’s latest political effort to regain credibility

In what appears to be a political motivated latest presentation, Ethiopian Prime Minister is pitching Grand Narrative as a way to recover lost credibility

Grand Narrative _ Ethiopia
Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed during his “Grand Narrative” Presentation (Photo : screenshot from FBC)


Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who recently made headlines with a controversial presentation on the “importance of water” which he framed in a way to make claims of right over the Red Sea – something that many Ethiopians criticized and angered Eritreans, has once again tried to take a spotlight with a new presentation. In a televised address to party and government officials, he presented what he termed a “Grand Narrative.”

In the video footage broadcast on state media, prominent figures from the ethnic-based regional states occupied the front rows, while senior government officials and cabinet members filled the auditorium.

The Prime Minister’s “Grand Narrative” focused on the significance of stories and narratives in shaping a nation. He emphasized that the narrative’s purpose is to foster “positive interaction” and create a shared national identity, stating, “It is something that helps us stand together and usher in prosperity. It is the foundation for a strong, united Ethiopia and a top priority.”

During his presentation, Abiy Ahmed promoted his party’s vision and dismissed criticism of his government as the work of “infiltrators.”

However, it is evident that the Prime Minister has faced an absolute decline in credibility and public trust within the country. Moreover, his government’s international relations, particularly with neighboring countries, notably Eritrea, have come under scrutiny.

Given the ongoing ethnic-based violence and conflicts that have marred his administration, there are doubts about whether his speech will have any positive impact. Many Ethiopians perceive the Prime Minister as having a duplicitous personality, and they often refer to his initial parliamentary address as Prime Minister with skepticism.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s latest “Grand Narrative” address comes in the wake of a severe and prolonged security crisis that has gripped the nation since he assumed power in 2018. This crisis has been particularly pronounced in the Oromo region of Ethiopia, where tens of thousands of innocent civilians have been massacred, and incidents of ransom kidnappings have become alarmingly common.

Between 2020 and 2022, Abiy Ahmed’s government engaged in a devastating conflict against the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), which is reported to have claimed over one million lives across the Afar, Amhara, and Tigray regions. This conflict has not only resulted in a staggering loss of life but has also triggered a humanitarian crisis of enormous proportions.

Currently, the Ethiopian government is embroiled in another brutal conflict, this time against the Fano militia in the Amhara region. This ongoing war has already claimed hundreds of lives and led to the declaration of a state of emergency in the region.

The cumulative impact of these conflicts, along with their socio-political and humanitarian ramifications, casts a shadow over the Prime Minister’s recent “Grand Narrative” address. It underscores the challenging situation he faces in a nation deeply divided along ethic lines and plagued by violence.

Watch part I of his presentation from the video below.

Video : embedded from FBC Youtube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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  1. What kinda bullshit article is this? Are you criticizing what he said or refuting it or disproving it? What does it do?


    • There are actors who are trying anything and everything they can to overthrow the PM. By reading the content on this site you can tell Borkena is pro-Amhara and anti-Oromo; it’s ran by hardcore Amharas. I believe that if the PM was someone else and was fully Amhara and did the same things as Abiy he would have their full support. What a shame that this is what Ethiopia has come to. This nation doesn’t allow anyone to lead it to a better future because they are stuck in tribes. To me tribalism is counter to development.

      • Very wrong analysis
        If you remember, Amhara people overwhelmingly supported Abiy. We knew then that he was an Oromo.
        What we didn’t know then but now see clearly is that Abiy is not human in a real sense of the definition.
        His actions demonstrate that some kind of satanic activity.
        Because only satan enjoys planting trees while millions of Amhara, Gurage Gamo and others are uprooted and made homeless in their own country.
        Thanks be to God, the God of Justice, this little tyrant will be removed from power by the United peoples of Ethiopia lead by Fano.
        Shame to so called mekelalia!
        Abiy’s days are numbered not because he is Oromo but because he is a moron unbecoming of a prime minister!!

  2. Subject: “Grand Narrative : Ethiopian Prime Minister’s latest political effort to regain credibility” October 24, 2023

    Too late, sad to say
    1. A YOUNG man destroying his political ‘credibility’
    2. As the American saying goes: “HE GOOFED”
    3. And lost positive image in Ethiopia
    4. He destroyed his own image
    5. And so, he has only himself to blame for eternity.
    6. Who is the next President of Ethiopia ?
    7. Will it be a LADY ? Why NOT?
    8. Ethiopia is NOT new to female leaders.
    9. Actually, it is the right time to have Female Ethiopian President >>> NOW; NOT TOMORROW.
    10. It is about time to have fresh atmosphere in NEW ETHIOPIA. Please try it. Please.
    ———— Awaiting to feel Fresh Atmosphere ————–

  3. My Very Dear Editors of this esteemed website,

    I just bumped into a new article about a 14-yr old genius who invented a soap that can treat skin cancer. His last name seems a familiar name from the gem of the colored that produced us all called Ethiopia. His name is listed as Heman Bekele. Then after further research I found out that he was born in Ethiopia and came here as a 4-yr toddler. 10 years later he is an award winning scientist. Such news is something that we should read on your beloved website from time to time. What is going on back there in the old country can be very depressing. We need news like this to lighten us up. I am confident in your enormous capabilities and wide range connections to look for such uplifting news and post them here so we all can savor the moment. I am down on my knees begging you. Here is the link:

    This beyond-repair-lost-cause-no-medicine-can-heal-him Ethio-Afro-Centric 8 decades under his belt junkie here is good now! He is good for a while until he reads another depressing news from the old country!!!!

    • Ittu is uttering, “He is down on my knees, begging Borkena?WOWWWWWW
      No one can believe that.
      Borkena editors are scientists inventing hate speech and lies to heal their egos and brainwash their followers
      Borkena might be disklike; the baby scientist might not be from their village.

      For Borkena emperors, Dr. Yonas Biru, Messay Kebede, and Andargachew Tsige are scientists since they invent lies and false narratives against non-Amhara ethnic members.

  4. Nobody in history has lost credibility, trust and respect in a speed of light as the most disgraced Abiy Ahmed. Now every dumb word he spewed goes and shoot his own feet. We are sick and tired of ignorant, inept and incapable Abiy Ahmed who is holding high position he does not deserve and has no knowledge of handling.

    This foolsh still has not understand how his own endless inaccurate, words filled in poison, false lies and village narrow mind tale tales has come to haunt him.
    If he has little sanity left the best thing he can do for himself is to STEP DOWN and let Ethiopians live in peace and stop the Genocide and Bloodshed.

  5. The prime minister Abiy Ahmed seems to be distancing himself from the non-dependable Eritrean dictator wedi Afewerki. Obvious that the dictator has defended Abiy Ahmed`s government against the Tigray forces which the later almost routed out his Oromo dominated forces. In the long run it is in the long term interest of Abiy Ahmed and Oromia to ally with and secure the protection of the other regional power Tigray. Oromia is the gift of Tigray to the Oromo people and Amhara or any other force will not be let threaten it.

  6. meanwhile the oromuma is tightening its grip on other tribes – until it chokes and kills the nation itself. And do you think this riffraff composed of blood-intixicated nomads from guji-borena has any thread of humanity…see the qerro goons around you, raedy to pounce and destroy…all the work of the depraved tplf which paind the price already….hold on, guys

    • Funny, I didn’t see any qerro goons when I traveled from Addis all the way down to the Borana region. I just saw people struggling to make a living in that high inflation country. I saw men, women, children begging for money or trying to sell me fruits and vegetable for a few birr to survive. I wonder which nation you’re talking about because last time I checked the Borana faced a severe drought. I didn’t know they had time to go and destroy other people. I’ve met older Amharas who have said southern ethiopians are more ethiopian than northern ethiopians, good Lord, I wonder why that is?

      You are no different than OLA supporters. You hardcore Amhara extremists are just as much a problem as the OLA and their supporters.

  7. You guys, you got a Grand Narrative against Abiy and his government. You seemed to be affiliated from some political or ethnic nationalists. The information you’re feeding is distorted, sorry.

    • I only come to this website to read the biased reporting for entertainment when I’m bored at work. This website has become a joke. It is no better than a TPLF controlled media at this point. Spewing biased reporting and creating a divide among tribes. I didn’t even know what Orommuma was until this website and Yonas Biru started demonizing a whole ethnic group. What a shame! One day you will stand in front of God and give account for all of this hate and division you spew. You will reap what you sow!


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