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Over 30,000 children  separated from their parents in Tigray : office

Tigray Children-Street Children
Photo credit : VOA Amharic


Over 30,000 children are reportedly separated from their parents in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

Addis Maleda cited the region’s Women, Children and Youth Affairs office to report that the number of children becoming street children is growing fast.  The office has said that more than 30,000 children separated from their parents due to the war. 

The office reportedly said that the Children are demanding to be reunited with their parents. According to the report about 3,800 children were reunited with their parents.  The office is cited as saying that evidence suggests that over 30,000 children are currently separated from their parents and facing problems. It is unspecified how the evidence is gathered and from what sources.  

Last week, the region declared three days of mourning after informing parents and family members of the loss of their loved ones during the war. Those who were informed were parents of TPLF combatants who were killed in action. The TPLF was highly criticized for employing a “human wave” military strategy in its war against the Abiy Ahmed administration. 

The region was at war for two years after the TPLF reportedly attacked the Northern Command of the Ethiopian Defense Force in November 2020 – an incident that triggered the bloody war which has claimed an estimated one million lives in Ethiopia. It came to an end with the signing of the Pretoria agreement in November 2022.

Dawit Getachew, Children service Inspection expert in the region’s Women, Children and Youth Affairs office , is cited as saying that in Mekelle alone as many as 15,000 children are separated from their parents and facing  Malnutrition. It is indicated in the report that they are vulnerable to severe harm and death. 

He added that an increasing number of children in major cities in the region are seen in streets. Some of them are said to have lost their parents during the war. 

It is indicated that effort is underway to reunite those children who “want and can reunite with their parents” , and for those who can’t the office is searching what it called “alternative family” and reunite them. 

Dawit also said that there are about 11 clusters organized to protect Children in times of danger but they are currently facing budgetary and other basic challenges to discharge their responsibilities properly. 

There was no school in the region during the two years war. It was this year that students returned back to shcool. 


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  1. Where were the children of the leaders of sides during the war, you may ask? Where are the leaders and war drum beaters of the TPLF now, you may beg to ask? They had sent their children overseas before the war or left them in the nation’s capital. This 30,000 number is a somehow fudged up count and they are not children of those stubborn, bigoted and stupid leaders and their entourage who started the stupid war. The poor citizens of Tigray were left to sustain the brunt of deaths and destruction. From their deaths they have left thousands of angelic children orphans and with the destruction of their domiciles they are left homeless with no rehab in sight. After all this death and destruction these leaders of both sides don’t even have the decency to say we are sorry. They tried to show their mastery of warfare prowess by hurling missiles thru the sirens skies but that did not last more than one or two launching. They sent kids of these wailing mothers including the underage ones all the way to Northern Shewa region thru hostile territory in the faulty aim of capturing the capital in which tens of thousands of kids perished along the way without achieving their goal. They did not even get dignified burials. Their Allah created bodies were left to rot and for wild predators to enjoy. These stubborn leaders has not even be able to tell grieving parent exactly where their kid lost their lives. But the kids of the leaders and their henchmen were enjoying their MCD’s and milkshakes here among the Diaspora. This is just beyond upsetting. It boils my blood in seething anger. All I can do is be there in spirit by the side of the wailing mothers to wipe their tears. That just leaves me in tears.

    • Make that: They tried to show their mastery of warfare prowess by hurling missiles thru the serene skies but that did not last more than one or two launchings.

  2. Subject: “Over 30,000 children separated from their parents in Tigray : office, October 21, 2023

    Humble Question

    a). In all sincerity, let me pose a question
    b). Why is it that innocent “30,000 children are separated from their parents” ????
    c). Surely, it is NOT natural habit of the ANCIENT COUNTRY TIGRAY
    d). Is there any ‘rational’ that Tigrayan children, families, and the people in general suffer, day in and day out?!?!?!
    e). Is it possible that Tigrayan Leaders would come out to the surface and explain the rational for the suffering of the
    People of Tigray?
    f). If there is no rational humane reasoning, why put the People of Tigray in purgatory ?!?!?!

  3. I think Tplf should use some of the billions it stashed away as EFFORT to rehabilitate children to families. I am serious. It is simply too much for the rest of the country to carry such a never ending burden for destruction Tplf brought upon us. Monies allocated to the region is either stolen or are not enough. Tplf leaders Sebhat, Seye, Azeb, Berhane GK, are millionaIres ten time over. They and their families now live in comfort having caused disaster and not accounting for them.

    • Alem

      a) You said all

      b) There is, absolutely, nothing to add.

      c) If Ethiopians wish to maintain the >>> Ancient >>>enviable >>>independent >>> country — it is the appropriate time to
      show dedication and love for that ancient country , named Ethiopia

      d) Are Ethiopians hardheartedly up to it ????

      e) Let History be the eternal judge
      —————-THE END ———————

    • Alem,
      a) WELL SAID, in just Eighty -Six (86) words
      b). Bless Your Heart
      c). What else can be said?
      d). Admirable Heroes of past Ethiopia may be rolling in their graves
      e). Who ever thought that Ethiopia will come down to such disgraceful level
      f). OH well, as the saying goes, THAT IS LIFE.
      —————-THE END ——————


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