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Ethiopian defector says other high-level officials abandon the country if they get the chance 

Asemahegn Asres
Asemahegn Asres when he was the spokesperson of the Amhara region (Photo : file)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – The Ethiopian defector, a member of  the ruling Prosperity Party (PP) said that other officials at the highest position “will defect if they get the chance to go out of the country”.

Asemahegn Asres, who used tobe the young Party Guard of the ruling PP, defected last week to the surprise of many Ethiopians. Asemahegn who is from the Amhara PP is nick-named by people as “PP Worshiper ”. Asemahegn was a Member of the House of People’s Representatives and Deputy Chairman of the Standing Committee. He served as Head of the Communication Bureau of Amhara Region, according to the news source, Roha Media.

Once he was heard showering the Premier with praises and even went further asking the Parliamentarian to clap for his chief, Abiy Ahmed. 

The Ethiopian defector has come up with the latest that he is not considered as the last official to abandon the country for good. “If Temesgen Tiruneh and General Abebaw Tadesse get the chance to go abroad, they will defect,” Asemahegn said. Temesgen Tiruneh is the Director General of Ethiopia’s National Intelligence and Security Service while L/General Abebaw Tadesse is Deputy Chief of General Staff of the National Defence Force of Ethiopia.

Asemahegn Asres, said that he was not present when the parliamentarians convened to approve the state of emergency and the command post that were said to pacify the security issue in the Amhara Region. His absence during that decisive meeting has brought a serious criticism against him by his bosses, according to him. Asemahegn claimed to flee the country in connection with the current situation in Amhara Region and the war declared against the people in the Region.  


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  1. This guy is a total idiot & a coward… on so many levels.

    #1 No one knows what someone’s mindset & intentions are when it comes to leaving his/her motherland; I am sure he did not discuss or share his own decision to “defect” with his own mother or the closest person in his life. Everyone that was/is in that situation knows that, except some idiots like this one.

    #2 As stated in #1, how does he know who else is contemplating… unless he is a delusional psychopath?

    #3 he did not even say his own reason why he decided to defect, yet he assumes why others might think of doing so… a total idiot.

    #4 unless he/she is a psychopathy, on one should claim to know what anyone else might do about anything, even worse name names in the process, to falsely accuse these people where he might have perceived to be his enemies  ( FRAME innocents people so that someone else to do  his dirty-work for him, what he was not able to do himself), it is WRONG, and a very very wrong thing to do. He is a coward SOB.

    Something is very wrong with this selfish-man; and what he has done to our nation is not excusable.

    I hope people on the other side, to whom his message is directed to, use commonsense and ignore this coward’s belaboring, in an attempt to frame these people; only a low life idiot like this one will try to get away with it.
    It is clear, this is an effort to harm these people.

    I understand based on what is going on in Amhara region many are not happy with a whole lot of people in the government, particularly those from Amhara region, it is understandable at some level, yet looking at bigger-picture, in this case our motherland, we need to think hard and deep for the sake of the nation, and hope some well-meaning people in our mix with stable-emotional and psychological make up will emerge to guide those who are hoodwinked to think identity-politics a solution, when time and time again is shown to be disnatures with unimaginable outcomes for all involved…

    We have seen what has happened to our people & to our nation since 1973/74, it could be worse unless calm minds come together and solve the identity-problem  Melles Zenawi Ethiopian Identity-Politics architect ( like his idol Vladimir Lenin has done to USSR, 100 years ago and its consequences is reverberation today as we are witnessing the active-war in Ukraine since 2014.) left us to deal with at a cost of many lives lost, and the nation in a brink of serious problems since 1990’s with the introduction of identity-politics.
    Needless to say, (Melles Zenawi is rolling in his grave) it is Tigray that has been decimated by his own creation of a predatory-tribal-politics. Tigray followed the same till its defeat recently, leaving the population in worse condition than any time in history; and the rest of the nation is still struggling with what  he put in place in 1991.

    Unless the current “custodians” solve this identity-based detrimental issue very quickly, their fate & the nations fate is heading in the same direction. A nation is made up of many groups of people, like anything that is mixed-together separating it to its original ingredient state is very very hard, if not impossible.  Unless we see ourselves as one people, which we are, pain and hardship are inevitable. Not just for this generation now, but for the generations yet to come.

    It is clear to everyone, seclusion may feel safe when fear is the overwhelming emotion one feels, but, after sometime it becomes constrictive self suffocating  imprisonment. That is how Identity works, the more identity one takes the more one suffers every which way unimaginable in defending them all.  

    Tribe, Flag, sport team, food, drink, tv show, celebrity, ideology, just about anything you can think of that makes you feel better, gives you the most suffering when it is time those identities are challenged in any way.
    I have seen people fight for a football team (England is the worst in this) and some get killed.

    Imagine the total freedom you feel by dropping all identities you carry at the moment. 
    For example:
    “I am nobody” (nothing) , is a lot more freeing than saying I am “this” or “that” (whatever it is) , because this and that require defending at some point in time and place, but your “nobodyness” (status) does not threaten anyone. Very simple.

    I am Ethiopian, required no defending any place in Ethiopia growing up back in the day, even during the Red-terror. When I read  some people are turned back from going to Addis Abeba, I kind of cringe, I have been everywhere in Ethiopia and never had that experience, always felt at home everywhere I went. 

    Ask yourselves, why shouldn’t all Ethiopians experience such a feeling of being at home, anywhere in that country?  Wouldn’t you want all your children to be able to do that and live that way?

    Even better, “I am Universal ” hands you the key to universal-freedom, it gives you total freedom,  because the universe doesn’t need defending.  And you live in total peace and security, because no one is against the universe (the universals) & no one is threatened by you at all, the universe has no army (special force).

    Remember, all these tortuous ideas exist ONLY in our HEADS.

    Better yet, you & I, and everyone else, and everything else EXIST only within our SKIN (body boundary). If you and I were to step out 1 Nano millimeter outside our SKIN the BODY will be pronounced DEAD.

    In other words, we are Body-bound, not location-bound. The body is location-bound, but we are not the BODY. That is why we were taught since childhood, when grandpa passed away, he went to heaven; so will every one of us.  

    Life on Earth is like a “blink of an eye”, relative to time, let’s not waste it on pain and hardship instead of sharing laughter;  we come empty handed and we depart empty handed, what is there (that no one takes) to fight for?

    Be well.


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