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Slain Orthodox Christian priest, deacon laid to rest 

Father Tekle-Ab was slain this by radical ethnic Oromo gunmen in Adama (Nazret)

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – The burial rituals of the slain Orthodox Christian priest and deacon and Father Tekle-Ab, servants of God, were performed yesterday at different churches in Nazareth (Adama) in the presence of many laity of Orthodox Christianity, relatives, and others who were saddened by the incident, sources said.

Mahibere-Kidusan Multimedia of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church reported here yesterday that two ministers of the holy Artu Arsema Church were shot dead by what is said, “unknown” armed forces in the satellite locality of Adama Town, Eastern Showa Diocese of Oromia Region.

Mahibere-Kidusan Multimedia said that the killing was carried out on 04 October 2023 around 8:30 pm. A priest (Father Tekle-Ab) and a deacon (Clergy Meseret) were assassinated and two priests and a layman were kidnapped by the armed forces.

An anonymous orthodox Christian devotee told Mahibere-Kidusan Television that, “there are frequent attacks on priests and parishioners around Adama Town, in East Shewa Diocese. As a result, many parishioners have fled the area.”

Ethiopian Orthodox church
His funeral

Regarding the October 03, 2023 killing and abduction, the individual who remained anonymous was asked if there was any action taken by the security forces during the mayhem. He said that members of security forces arrived at the scene after the attackers left the area.

The slain priest and deacon were buried last Friday. The funeral ceremony of priest Meseret was held at Adama (Nazareth) Boku Debre-Mehret Saint Michael Church, while Father Tekle-Ab was buried at Adama (Nazareth) Misrake-Tsehai Saint Gebre-Egziabher-Ab Church, Mahibere-Kidusan Television indicated.

Fathers and many parishioners, including His Holiness Abune Gorgorios, the archbishop of East Shewa Diocese, were present at the funeral ceremony, according to the television.

Mahibere-Kidusan Television further said that two servants of God including other individuals who were kidnapped on 04 October 2023 have not yet been released and their whereabouts are unknown.

Mahibere-Kidusan Television of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church reported that the office of the Diocese of East Shewa Zone has expressed great sorrow over the brutal killing and is discussing with the concerned party about the devastating security issue. 


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  1. Any gang that killed these priests must be prosecuted, regardless of its affiliation with a particular religion, political party, or ethnic group

    Do not consider Mahibere-Kidusan as a religious entity but as a collection of killers and embezzlers. If you give them money, they will do any henious thing. They are known by almost every clergyman as robbers, defamers, and killers.

    They have poisoned the patriarch and tarnished the reputation of many monks, preachers, scholars, and priests. Anyone who does not support Mahibreseytan is labeled as menafiq, heretic, or tehadisso.

    They assemble every young person who is gullible in order to eventually collect taxes or alms once these young students land a job and use their abilities and positions at work for their own gain. To enhance their reputations as devout religious servants, they invite a lot of church scholars, loved and followed by many people to their club in order to promote their demonic ideologies and project a picture of piety. Mahibrekidusan is a satanic group whose end motive is money and power, like Daniel daniel kiseret (ሙሓዘ ሕምዝ-የመርዝ ቋት which is a well of poison or poisonous well indentified with his venomous person like Andargachew Tsige).

    If they think they can achieve their deal, they will do anything against clergymen, as they have so far.
    Any gang that killed these priests must be prosecuted, regardless of its affiliation with a particular religion, political party, or ethnic group.


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