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Internet Shutdown in Amhara Region Disrupts Banks, Universities, and Humanitarian Organizations

Internet Shutdown Ethiopia
Internet Shutdown has been shutdown in the Amhara region of Ethiopia for nearly six months now (Photo source : DW Amharic)


For several months now, the administration of Abiy Ahmed has maintained an internet shutdown in the Amhara region of Ethiopia. This blackout was enforced even before the declaration of a state of emergency in the region in early August, affecting all cities, including those untouched by the ongoing conflict, such as Dessie.

A recent report by DW Amharic, released on Friday, reveals the far-reaching consequences of the internet shutdown on the region. The operational efficiency of banks, the educational sector, and humanitarian organizations has been severely impacted.

A banker in Metema, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, informed DW Amharic that the internet shutdown has created substantial work pressure. It has significantly complicated communication between head offices and branch offices.

In the field of education, both graduate and postgraduate students have been affected, struggling with their thesis papers as a direct result of limited access to the internet. Samson Chanie, an instructor at Bahir Dar University, confirmed the challenges faced by students and noted that overall research work has been hampered.

Another instructor, preferring to remain unnamed, teaching at Gondar University, pointed out that the internet shutdown has caused a crisis in economic and social services.

Humanitarian organizations operating in the region have also faced significant difficulties. The exchange of critical information with non-governmental organizations was pivotal for an organization working with orphaned children and women (approximately 3000 individuals) in Bahir Dar. Unfortunately, this support came to a halt due to communication problems, as reported by DW Amharic.

In addition to the internet, phone lines have been disconnected in numerous parts of the Amhara region. The ongoing conflict in the Amhara region, pitting government forces against Fano combatants, has resulted in hundreds of civilian casualties and the destruction of social service providers, including health centers and schools. This week, Abiy Ahmed’s government has reportedly initiated a new offensive from four directions across the region with the aim of neutralizing Fano forces.


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  1. This is just a shame. Internet, banking, universities and humanitarian organizations are signs of modernization. If these tools of advancement are disrupted is just like going back decades from it. Now the youth can’t go school, get himself pre-occupied with internet, can’t access his bank account if he has any and can’t get the assistance he badly needs. He/she is now an open season for warmongers. It is just a low downright dirty shame!!!!!


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