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Ethiopian Modernization: Opportunities and Derailments ( New book by Professor Messay Kebede)

Professor Messay Kebede _ Ethiopian Modernization
Professor Messay Kebede, the Author (Photo : from Horn Affairs)


borkena is delighted to publish Professor Messay Kebede’s latest work, “Ethiopian Modernization: Opportunities and Derailments.”

The book is comprised of twelve chapters, with the introductory chapter setting the stage for the exploration of Ethiopia’s modernization journey.

To enhance accessibility and reach, it is divided into three series, each encompassing four chapters.

In alignment with the author’s desire to make this valuable resource readily available to a wider audience, It is published in a downloadable PDF format.

Below, you will find the initial installment, featuring the first four chapters. Next installment will be published by Tuesday.

Introduction : HERE

Chapter 1HERE

Chapter 2HERE

Chapter 3 – HERE


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  1. Beginning in 1991 following the removal of the backward and oppressive Amhara rule, the victorious and progressive Tigrayan forces introduced a modern and democratic system of federalism in the country. This was the only period when Ethiopia began to take the path of modernization and development. A relevant example is the Growth and Transformation Plan and developmental state policy which practically catapulted the country to a middle income level. Compared to the others, Tigray as the oldest civilization and national state, has all the conditions for modernization and fast development. This is why there is now a growing tendency and demand in Tigray for the restoration of its statehood and stability.

    • Hi Digital Tigraway,
      I would like to express appreciation on behalf of all Ethiopians to the people of Tigray for their role in introducing tribalism into the core of Ethiopia’s political system – አሽሙር ከገባህ. The tribal system you set up is now choking the country and might end up breaking it up, so much so for your modernization. The Growth and Transformation Plan and the developmental state policy were instrumental in advancing your agenda, leading to the exploitation of the country and the establishment of a system aimed at making Tigray the hub of knowledge and industry in Ethiopia, while relegating the rest of the country to supplying raw materials and cheap labor. However, your insatiable greed hindered progress to the extent that the rest of Ethiopia had no choice but to remove you from 4 Kilo. BTW መነገዱን ጨርቅ ያድርግላችሁ። Good luck with restoring a statehood for TIgray, we will see if you will somehow manage to create a viable state. It is going to be very tough to do so when we know TIgray is a double landlocked and thanks to TPLF the whole neighborhood is hostile to it, for now.

    • Anyone in Ethiopia knows the truth:
      The Derg regime was not an Amhara regime. Derg was ethnic blind. But it was a socialist military dictatorship.
      Fair enough, Ethiopia saw growth after 1991 and had it been followed genuinely, the federal state model would have been a success. But the turmoil we see now in Ethiopia is the seed of the ethnic federalists and their result of 27 years of hate preaching and looting politics in the country. TPLF is gone. BUT the remnants of EPRDF are no better, rather a worse version of TPLF.

  2. Leba Tigre Mengas are thankfully out of power; no more plunder of Ethiopia under cover of “Transformation” bullshit. I would prefer Tigres to be confined in their own region, until they prove to themselves and others by building ‘Singapore or Israel’ of Africa……

    Tigres created the mess that Ethiopia is in today, starting in the 1960s as lead instigators of the immature ‘revolutionaries’. Even some senior cabinet officials of the then government who hailed from Tigrai were undercover operators/links of the “activists’ marauding as ‘revolutionaries’ such as a fellow named Zeru Kishan (?).

    • Worku Belayneh is skunky , bigot parrot what are you doing here ? go and get your cups and shower your throat with westernized tella , attella ziqach

      Tigray and Oromiyaa is your master and will be your master forever

      fanno will not set its filthy feet in Finfinne let alone leading Ethiopians . Fanno kiled children, priests and nuns; Fanno has been allies arab mercenaries and destroyed churches and looted sacred artifacts


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