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Ethiopian Electric Power says it is working to secure the release of kidnapped employees

Kidnappers in Oromia region asking for 10 million Ethiopian Birr per person 

Ethiopian Electric Power - geothermal project
Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) geothermal project in Alto Langano. The employees were apparently kidnapped in the area. (photo : EEP)


Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) announced on Tuesday that it is closely monitoring the situation involving six employees who were abducted by unidentified individuals.

According to local sources, it has been more than a week since the incident occurred in the Oromia region of Ethiopia. The employees were on a field assignment related to the Aluto Langano geothermal project.

Ethiopian Electric Power issued a news update on Tuesday in response to widespread criticism alleging negligence.  

Reportedly, a ransom of 10 million Ethiopian birr per person was demanded, a demand that the organization has reportedly declined to meet.

“Efforts have been made to inform the relevant authorities without causing distress to the families of the kidnapped individuals,” Ethiopian Electric Power stated in its news update.

The information circulating on social media, accusing EEP of inaction in securing the release of the employees, is incorrect and shows a lack of consideration for the families of the kidnapped individuals, the organization emphasized.

However, the brief statement from EPP does not provide significant details regarding the actions being taken to secure the employees’ release and the likelihood of success in these efforts.

It simply mentioned that local elders from the area where the employees were kidnapped, in the Oromo region, and Abba Geda, who are regarded as spiritual leaders within the ethnic Oromo community, are collaborating to facilitate the peaceful release of the employees.

Nonetheless, the information suggests that Abba Geda may have knowledge of the kidnappers’ whereabouts, which could imply that Ethiopian government intelligence may also be aware of the situation.

Over the past five years, the Oromo region of Ethiopia has witnessed numerous kidnappings, often attributed to the radical ethnic Oromo nationalist group known as Shane by the government (or the Oromo Liberation Army – as it calls itself).


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