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Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice says the arrest of president has nothing to do with his party responsibilities

EZEMA Deputy leader,Yohannes Mekonnen, ( Photo credit : EZEMA)

By Staff Writer

Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice (ECSJ) has stated that the arrest of their party chairman, Dr. Chanie Kebede, is unrelated to his responsibilities within ECSJ. In a statement issued yesterday, the party clarified that the arrest was made by the command post in connection with the state of emergency. The Committee, appointed by the party’s National Executive Body to investigate the matter, reached this conclusion.

Upon discovering this, the National Executive Committee of the party convened an emergency meeting on September 30, 2023, to thoroughly discuss the issue.

The party emphasized that any involvement in political activities, direct or indirect, and cooperation in ideas and actions outside the realm of peaceful struggle and citizenship political activities deviates from ECSJ’s principles. ECSJ is committed to the principles and practices of citizenship political thought and the path of peaceful struggle. The party firmly believes that a stable political system cannot be achieved through ethnic politics or the use of force to seize government power. ECSJ considers armed and non-peaceful struggles to be violations of its core principles.

According to ECSJ, any party member, from the grassroots level to the National Executive Body, who acts in contradiction to the party’s beliefs is deemed to be working against the organization’s interests. Accountability is held for all members and leadership within ECSJ. The party takes a strong stance against members who deviate from its motives and line of struggle.

“We want all Ethiopians and our organization’s members to understand that reconciling irreconcilable ideas is impossible. We are constantly striving to ensure that people can live with dignity, freedom, and equality,” the party emphasized.

ECSJ believes that the country can progress towards political stability through legal and peaceful struggle, refraining from engaging in or supporting alternative forms of struggle. The party firmly advocates for the upcoming national consultation initiative.

The statement also highlights the importance of ensuring the practicality of national consultation initiatives to guarantee free, fair, and democratic elections as the only viable means to obtain governmental power, dismissing other options as untested and unimaginable for Ethiopia.

The party’s message is clear: members and supporters, both inside and outside the country, must adhere to the party’s principles and the path of peaceful struggle that has been clearly defined. Failing to do so may be seen as contributing to the worsening political turmoil and causing severe poverty and misery in the country.

ECSJ reiterated that supporting political activities and ideas outside of peaceful struggle and citizenship political activities is a violation of its principles.

The party concluded by emphasizing that the arrest of their chairman by government security forces should be viewed in light of the above-mentioned principles of ECSJ, as stated in their released statement.


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