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Ethiopia Reports 28.2 percent Inflation in August Amidst Economic Challenges,  Ongoing war in Amhara region 

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In August, Ethiopia’s nationwide price inflation was reported to be 28.2 percent, as announced by the Ethiopian Statistic Service on Friday.

Food items saw an inflation rate of 26.5 percent for the month, while non-food items experienced a 30.7 percent increase, according to a report by Addis Maleda.

Overall, the inflation rate dropped slightly to 28.2 percent, compared to the previous month’s 28.8 percent.

As the end of August marked the eve of the Ethiopian New Year, many families faced challenges with the holiday expenses and the costs associated with sending their children back to school. Numerous reports from various sources indicate that the cost of living has become exceedingly burdensome, with many struggling to afford even one meal a day.

Additionally, there is a looming famine crisis in several parts of Ethiopia, including the Amhara and Tigray regions. The country is also grappling with a devastating conflict in the Amhara region, where Abiy Ahmed’s administration has imposed a state of emergency.


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