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Devastating Flooding Displaces Thousands in Gambella Region: Urgent Call for Aid

District authorities in Gambella region of Ethiopia pleading for humanitarian aid for those impacted by severe flooding 

Photo credit : DW Amharic


In a distressing turn of events, more than 3,000 residents in the Gambella region have been displaced in one day due to flood from Baro River, exacerbating the existing displacement crisis in the area.

Reports indicate that a total of 28,845 individuals have been uprooted by the flooding of the Baro, Akobo, and Gilo rivers since early September this year. These figures were obtained from a DW Amharic report, which cited the Gambella Regional government as the primary source of information.

Umod Umod, representing Umod Ujulu, the current regional president, disclosed that a staggering 36,000 residents from nine districts have lost their homes and possessions. Additionally, an extra 3,845 residents from the Jikawo district have been compelled to flee their homes since Wednesday.

Anderew Tut, the district’s leader, reported severe damage to health centers and schools in the district, where Nuer ethnic communities reside. The flooding has also wreaked havoc on crops and livestock.

To cope with this dire situation, those displaced are seeking refuge in churches and schools located in areas unaffected by the flood. Ato Andrew has issued an appeal for humanitarian assistance to aid those who have lost their homes and livelihoods.

Efforts are underway from the Disaster Prevention Office, as highlighted in the DW report, to coordinate the delivery of essential humanitarian aid to the affected individuals and communities. Individuals in private capacity have already donated some household items to those affected.

The swelling of these rivers is a direct consequence of the rainy season in Ethiopia, with residents residing along the riverbanks bearing the brunt of its impact. The situation remains critical, underscoring the urgent need for support and assistance for those grappling with displacement and devastation in the region.


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