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Abiy Ahmed’s 15 Billion Dollar Palace- One Of The Most Expensive Palace on The Earth ‼️

Ethio Chronicles

As the nation grapples with pervasive poverty, it is essential to raise awareness and hold Abiy accountable for the following concerning statistics:

Limited Handwashing Facilities: A staggering 50% of Ethiopians lack access to basic handwashing facilities.

Scarce Clean Water Access: Shockingly, only 12.58% of the population can avail themselves of clean water sources.

Low Income Struggles: A significant 78% of Ethiopians struggle to make ends meet, earning less than $2.00 per day.

Inadequate Healthcare Access: Disturbingly, 18% of the population cannot reach healthcare facilities within a 2-hour walking distance.

Amidst these dire circumstances, Abiy Ahmed’s extravagant construction of the world’s most expensive palace raises serious concerns. It is imperative that the international community scrutinizes and takes action to halt this project. Ethiopia is in dire need of hospitals, clinics, schools, and road infrastructure to address the pressing needs of its citizens.

Watch Documentary below :

Video : embedded from Ethiopian Chronicle youtube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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  1. QUOTE: ” Abiy Ahmed’s 15 Billion Dollar Palace- One Of The Most Expensive Palace on The Earth ‼️” UNQUOTE
    September 28, 2023

    Humble Question, 28 Sept 2023
    a) Is the above declaration new to the history of ETHIOPIA?
    b). That is, taking into account the value of dollar of the past era.
    c) Otherwise, History is History and will never go away with the wind.
    e). And so, DEAR READERS , let us not “DISCRIMINATE” (*)
    f). I am NOT referring to SKIN COLOUR but to the inherent characteristics of the ENVIABLE HUNGRY MODERN
    g). May the Good Lord UP in HEAVEN — and/or around us — help us for the right direction.

    ——————- THE END ——————————

    (*) We had enough of our own discrimination due to our own black skins >>> YES, YES, YES <<<< in a place that we were born in, and saddled with cruel discrimination. YES, IT IS the UGLY, CRUEL, RACISM THAT WE CAN NEVER, NEVER FORGET, NOR MINIMIZE (i.e. to let it go with the wind !!!!!)

  2. Instead, fifteen billion dollar could be used to ; 1. repair all the clinics, churches, mosques and schools destroyed during the war with TPLF, 2. build small infrastructures such as bridges, roads in rural Ethiopia, purchase fertilizer and medical supplies for the needy hospitals etc.
    The 2 palaces built by the far thinking kings of their time are more than enough for the current government.


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