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Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam negotiation underway in Ethiopia


GERD-negotiation-Addis Ababa
Seleshi Bekele, leader of the Ethiopian negotiating team, speaking during the Addis Ababa talks on September 23, 2023 (Photo : Public Domain)


The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) negotiation is reportedly under way in Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa. The State media – ENA – on Saturday said “The second-round tripartite negotiations over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) kicked off in Addis Ababa…”

However, there appears to be still some confusion regarding the negotiation. It was on the eve of this Ethiopian New year that the Ethiopian government announced what it called the “Fourth and final filling” of the dam was completed.

ENA cited the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia to report that this round of “The tripartite talks will mainly deliberate on the first filing and annual operation.”

Why the “first filling” is part of this negotiation is unclear while the government has announced that it has completed the fourth filling.

The Dam was designed to hold 74 billion cubic meters of water and now it is said to have about 42 billion cubic meters of water.

Seleshi Bekele, former Ethiopian Minister for Water and Irrigation, who is currently serving as Ethiopia’s Ambassador to the United States, is leader of the negotiation team on the part of Ethiopia.

The state media cited him as saying ” this discussion has come after the successful fourth-round filling of the GERD carried out in line with the 2015 Declaration of Principles.”

It was stated that the plan is to reach an agreement during this round of the negotiation.

Seleshi reportedly said that “the only option is to implement the principle of fair and rational use of Nile water as stipulated in the Declaration of Principles.”

The negotiation was stalled for a long time. The African Union led negotiation under the theme “African solution for African Problem” did not bear fruit. That was after the failure of U.S. brokered negotiation in Washington.

Lately, there have been reports that the United Arab Emirates brokered and things seem to be a bit rushing. Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who has forged a close relationship with UAE president – Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, two weeks ago declared that the fourth filling is the final filling of GERD.

“It is with great joy that I inform you of the completion of the fourth and final filling of the GERD. God has helped us Ethiopians for we have worked together…” he said.


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  1. Dear Editors,

    Please take a look at this phrase in this article:
    ‘Ethiopia’s Ambassador to Ethiopia’. I am sure you will catch it.

  2. Meanwhile, Mother Nature has been doing her job at best in pouring rain in buckets over the area where the dam is located. Nobody is diverting even a single teaspoon of water from the river. That country was not blessed in Holy Scriptures of both major religions without something to back it up! Okay bigots! I know don’t like me making such bold statement. You bet I did! Now what? Find yourself a lake and jump in it to never come up!!! Stay there and I will tell you buddy Iblis to go there and cuddle with you to eternity!!!

  3. Wake up! It is all scam, giving some gullible Ethiopians Amaras pp government is pro Ethiopian or safe government, it is not! It is constructing Tplf-type government against Amara! Pp/olf and Tplf have agreed to unite against further destroying Ethiopia by eliminating Christian Amara, the only Oriental Christian left in Ethiopia! Most Ethiopians including Tigray, have converted to Protestant, Communism, Wahabism .

    Eritrea’ s power is on weak Ethiopia/ Amara. It is possible, within 10 years, there will be greater Eritrea including Amara, or greater Tigray with leadership of Eritrea. Eritrea will change its name to Tigray to forget colonization and wants to emerge as power. Oromiya will be greater by annexing Debub is already on the way. Either way, Arabs/ Egypt has greater advantage to spread Islam and Arabic throughout Oromiya and the future greater Yigray which is already in the way. They will share the resources with West and Israel. The situation is already heading that way.

  4. Berlin Marathon 2023: Tigist Assefa creates women’s world record,
    She was nearly *six minutes clear of any other runner in Sunday’s marathon, with Sheila Chepkirui of Kenya second in 2:17:49 and Tanzania’s Magdalena Shauri third in 2:18:41.

    1 Tigst Assefa (ETH) 2:11:53
    2 Sheila Chepkirui (KEN) 2:17:49
    3 Magdalena Shauri (TAN) 2:18:41
    4 Zeineba Yimer (ETH) 2:19:07
    5 Senbere Teferi (ETH) 2:19:21
    6 Dera Dida (ETH) 2:19:24
    7 Workenesh Edesa (ETH) 2:19:40
    8 Helen Bekele (ETH) 2:19:44
    9 Charlotte Purdue (GBR) 2:22:17
    *Atheletes from 3-8 (ETH)
    Athelets are becoming indomitable forces of unity, sowing seeds of patriotism and homogenity—Ethiopians are one regardless of ethnic and religious disparities.

    • Way to go our gallant daughters! Way to go!!! Thank you for posting this uplifting news!!! Between our daughter Tigist bint Assefa and the 2nd finisher is not even close. 6 minutes ahead means blowing away the field. I’m good now! I’m good for a week!!!!!

    • Derartu Tulu must also be congratulated and thanked for the performance of Ethiopian athlete in world competition . Derartu is the face of Ethiopia that I personally (and probably most Ethiopians) want. She celebrates her Ethiopian-ness at all forums, and has killer smile and personality.

  5. When I realized that our patriot brother Obbo Seleshi Bekele is part of the discussion team, I am rest assured that the dam is in the hands of the wisest and most capable man for the role. You noticed I said ‘discussion’ and not ‘negotiation’. There is no need for negotiation because:
    1) The dam is inches away to be finished.
    2) The dam’s filling is done.
    3) The dam, in its 12 years history, has not affected the flow of water of the river even by a spoonful.
    4) The dam will not affect the flow of water even by a spoonful at any time from here to the end of time.
    5) The dam will even be a water bank both for Sudan and Egypt from here to eternity.

    So there is nothing to worry about and all it needs is to talk about and read its job report. I expect there will be an official celebration when the dam is completed. I personally invite el-Sisi(if he is still around) and whoever will be the leader of Sudan(if that country is still around) to join the people of Ethiopia to savor the moment.

    • I ve been reading your colourful , lively writings for more than a year now and I understand that you have an audience and a political thinking that is mostly expressed in subtle or indirect manner of writing. You seem to be a man of a certain intellect a passionate writer with a searing love for your country.
      Sometimes however, your otherwise controlled narcissism and admiration of your own self importance become tooooo bright and emphasized then its time to call you out!! In your first comment sir, as usual, you are talking to yourself and you even manage to be surprised by yourself! You call also for the affirmation of your readers who you insult by calling them “bigots” to share your imaginary excitement over “such a bold statement”, which judging by the following comments and common sense, its safe to say that you were the only one to be surprised with your own bravery and perplexed by your own grandeur. But that could not be enough for the mighty IAF. You then proceed with your 3rd comment of the day to inform us that your depth of knowledge in rivers, dams, hydroelectric power, Sudan, Egypt, future telling, reading the stars, dancing with the stars allows you to safely and confidently claim that the dam will never impact the river’s water “from here to eternity” as well as sending a kind invitation to “Sisi, if he is still around and whoever will be in Sudan” to come to AA and together (sic) “savor the moment”. Applause
      WOW, sir just WOW!!! All hail the great IAF..
      *U can sit down now sir,
      Wow the arrogance coupled with ignorance for all to see.


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