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Why the Land Grabbing, Expansionist and Hegemonistic Oromo Elite Ageda is Mortal Threat

By Aklog Birara

I have always argued against ethnic federalism by elites and for elites; and urged  Ethipians to fight for a citizenship rights based substitute for Ethiopia and its 120 million citizens.
Today, it  is clear that the Prosperity gospel championed by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is failing to meet the dire human needs of the Ethiopian people. Twenty million Ethiopians go hungry each day. More than four million are displaced. More than six million citizens of Addis Ababa suffer from shortages of basic necessities like food, water, electricity, shelter, and meaningful employment and income. Hundreds of thousands of Ethiopian migrant workers in Gulf Countries including Saui Arabia suffer from slavery wages and ill treatment by their employers.
In the background is the undeniable fact that Ethiopia suffered hugely from
a) Two years war initiated by TPLF
b) The current war against Amhara initiated by Abiy Ahmed in April, 2023
c) Continued human atrocities of Amhara and others in Oromia, Beni-Shagul Gumuz
d) Attack and killing by Al-Shabab
e) Violations of Ethiopia’s borders in Gambella and Gondar by foreign forces
Compounding these consequential problems is continued destruction of economic and social infrastructure and killings by Abiy’s army using drones and other heavy weapons in the towns of Bure, Debre Tabor, Dembecha, Debre Markos, Finote Selam, Gondar,, Menz, Shoa Robit and others. The BBC reports that banks are closed in Majetee, Shoa and the main road from Addis  Ababa to Dessie is also closed.
Whether the Ethiopian regime accepts or not, the international community is aghast that  Abiy Ahmed and his circle are determined to change Ethiopia for good  by Oromizing it. For instance, as part of this hegemonistic Oromization plan, the name of Zeway, an Ethiopian, landmark is changed to Batu and and Awra Godana, in the Amhara region into Kore etc. This  demonstrates a huge trend to establish a “New and different Ethiopia”with Oromo elites governing it.
The expansionist agenda involves the Afar, Amhara, Gambella, Beni-Shangu Gumuz, Sidama and Somali regions. IN my  estimation this expanded region will be encircled by adversaries from which lands have been taken. It will therefore have no peace or stability let alone rule Ethiopia.
I would like to pose a question. Is there any Oromo notable or moderate who is courageous enough to reject this dangerous Oromummaa agenda spearkheding by Abiy Ahmed and his team?  I pose this question because this extremist agenda is degrading Ethiopia’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and the unity of its diverse population.
I urge you to listen to the below Anchor Media discourse and analysis by Mesfin Aman and Anchor Media Chief  Mesay Meknnen. It was a timely interview. I agree with Mesfin that Ethiopia’s military command structure has collapsed. IN fact, Ethiopian national institutions have been collapsing under the watch of PM Abiy Ahmed and his Prosperity Party.
Lastly, I am delighted to learn that citizens of Addis Ababa have established an Addis Ababa Civil Society Movement that plans to operate with other movements.

Video : embedded from Anchor Media youtube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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