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A drone strike killed at least thirty civilians in Gojjam

Dembeha-Ethiopia-Drone Strike


Ethiopian Defense Force Drone strike on Sunday reportedly killed at least thirty civilians in West Gojam, Amhara region of Ethiopia.

A BBC Amharic service report published on Tuesday indicated that the attack targeted Dembecha and Quarit towns – parts of Gojjam area where there had been an intense battle between the Ethiopian government forces and Fano combatants. 

“The attack targeted civilians who were walking en masse…at least thirty people were killed,” a resident of Quarit district told BBC Amharic service on condition of anonymity. 

The drone strikes were in two locations.  However, the second drone attack did not cause human casualties as it landed in a forest area, according to the sources. 

The attack in Dembecha hit near St. Michael Church where about 18 civilians were killed as they were returning from church service. 

The residents have also pointed out that the fighting between the Ethiopian Defense Force and Fano was happening far from where the drone strikes hit. However, they have indicated that the fighting was underway in the west end of 

BBC Amharic report said its attempt to reach out to government bodies to get a response about the incident was unanswered. 

Last month, the Ethiopian Defense Force carried out an attack in Finote Selam where more than thirty individuals were targeted.  Members of the Ethiopian Defense Force have committed, according to credible news sources, extensive massacres in Gojam, Gondar, and Shoa by deliberately shelling residential areas with artilleries and by extrajudicial executions. 

However, the Fano forces do not seem to be slowing down. 

Reports from local Ethiopian news sources indicate that fighting is happening in many areas of the Amara region and that Fano forces have recaptured at least twenty towns across the region. 

An incident in Minjar, North Shoa – which is in the range of about 70 kilometers to the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa-, in the past two days represents a different scenario.  A VOA Amharic report published on a story indicated that Oromia regional police entered Awura Godana (also known as Qorke) this past weekend and carried out massive attacks on civilians. The source cited residents from the town to report that Oromia police looted properties after attacking residents. 

Residents are displaced from their town. 

The story was covered by many news sources including Borkena before VOA Amharic reported about it. 


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