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34 people killed, over 35 injured in Majetie Town, North Shoa Zone, Amhara Region


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By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) – Over 34 people were killed and 35 were injured in a shooting spree that took place in and around Majetie Town, Efrata-Gidim Wereda, North Shewa Zone of Amhara Region, sources said.

Addis Maleda reported quoting Majetie Health Station that the total number of deaths in Majetie and its surrounding areas since 03 September 2023, was more than 34. The human and property losses were caused by the heavy exchange of fire between the security forces and Fano militants, according to information obtained through anonymous health professionals serving at the Health Centre.  

The health professionals said that among the dead was a sixteen-months-old kid including other children and women.

Apart from the dead ones, there are also more than 35 innocent people, who came to the health centre for treatment. Of those admitted to the health centre, 12 were seriously injured and referred to Ataye Primary Hospital. The four wounded people who suffered the worst injuries were reportedly sent to Debre-Berhan Referral Hospital.

In a similar development, the residents of Kobo Town in North Wollo Zone told Addis Maleda that they have observed the killings of four innocent people following the exchange of fire between the two forces since 10 September 2023.

Medical Director of Kobo Primary Hospital, Dr Ali Hussien said that a young man was admitted to the hospital after being shot in the head. A woman who was seriously injured by a bomb blast that was thrown in the Town on Thursday, 14 September 2023 was sent to Alamata Hospital, Dr. Ali said.

The Director said that there are people who were killed in the shootout in the town but were not reported to the hospital. However, until 15 September 2023, only one dead body was brought to the hospital.

Residents in Estie Mekane-Yesus Town, South Gonder Zone said that a policeman was killed in a shootout between policemen and Fano militants last Sunday, 10 September 2023, following the withdrawal of defence forces from the town.

Following this, the defence forces re-entered back into Estie Town and opened fire with heavy weapons killing nine innocent people and wounding four, residents told Addis Maleda.

A medical personnel, at the District General Hospital of Estie Mekane-Yesus, who preferred to remain anonymous said that Since 10 September 2023, there was one person who was admitted to the hospital and died. “There are three people who were killed in the shootout in the Town but were not admitted to the hospital,” he said.

He further said that more than nine innocent people were injured and admitted to the hospital and three other members of the armed forces were also injured and are being treated.

Human rights institutions, political parties and residents of the region stated that the fighting between the government security forces and Fano militants in Amhara Region is causing great damage to people and properties.

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